Attn Jeremy Hunt: Give us all a holiday - save ££££s

Recently returned from Crete. Had a lovely relaxing time at a hotel in the mountains. Whole jolly cost less than a grand between the two of us. Wandered down to the village a few times, and popped into the pharmacy. 30 Uni pharma T3 25mcg €1.15. Over a week, bought 12 boxes, which the pharmacist was happy to supply. It now occurs to me that the NHS could ‘prescribe’ a Greek holiday and the few £s necessary to buy a similar amount and be quids in over what the medicine costsper annum in the UK.

The world has gone mad, the NHS is an ass…and you and I are paying for it.

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  • true ! The NHS are being held to ransom - and that is just one item. I wonder how many thousands/millions of pounds are being mis-spent on the over charging of purchases ? An auditor is obviously needed to check the money is being paid out for the best deal.... That's probably too simple and all about good housekeeping - something so many of us do daily - manage the budget....

  • Hey Rapunzel .. that would be fab.

    Go on holiday to somewhere hot, sunny & gorgeous to collect meds..... all paid for by national health...yay ! .

    Sounds feasible .....! ! ? ?


  • Flower,

    Would that it really were feasible...but doesn't it make the cost of T3 here an utter joke ?

    The NHS could import T3 from Greece and be helping the Hellenic balance of payments as well ! Or pay for our holiday and the savings spent on better education for GPs...I swear if mine says 'You are in range' once more, I will deck him !!! The FT3 tests, the Vit D, B12, Ferritin etc tests which could be had...instead it all goes in the coffers of BigPharma, who have a vested interest in keeping so many of us unwell.

    Just writing down some of the things which could be done, given a more appropriate cost for T3 - just sublime and ridiculous, all at once.

  • Absolutely agree Rapunzel.

    You took the words right out of my mouth.


  • The world definitely has gone mad. I wrote to my MP about this some time ago, who passed it on to Jeremy Hunt. I received a five page letter full of b...s and gobbleygook.

  • And it's so dispiriting, isn't it Polaris, when we try to engage and make a difference and we're frustrated at every turn ?

    Does anyone remember Sir Philip Green's procurement review ? Government spending is typically wont to waste a staggering amount of our tax dollars - a disgraceful shambles which continues unabated, no matter what colour the politics. How can a laptop be procured for one department for less than £400 and for another department, the very same laptop merits £2000 being spent.

    Don't dare try to win me round any time soon, Jeremy Hunt - unless you're happy to spring for another Greek holiday instead of lining the pockets of Big Pharma. I am working hard enough. You, on the other hand...

  • and, if I read that the NHS is £8 million in the red once more......

  • Many moons ago one of my daughters had a boyfriend who worked in the Buying Dept of the NHS in Birmingham - his stories were amazing. Closed wards full of perfectly good mattresses - but they had to buy new to use up the budget. They were eventually sent to Africa. The surgeon who didn't think the knives that cost thousands were quite right - more were bought. I should have kept a diary :-)

  • I vaguely remember now there was a TV documentary with a surgeon and the cost of knives.

  • too after an article JH wrote in the Times about how he understood families suffering with Alzheimers and about losing his Dad. No mention of thyroid or B12 deficiency - so I wrote a letter. Like you I had a patronising reply written by someone who didn't have a clue. Sadly these are the people running the country - that I do not live in :-) How dare I criticise :-)

  • Well done Marz for trying - we can't stop.....

    I've recently written again to MP re. B12 deficiency and how more information for GPs to diagnose and treat early would save suffering, neurological damage, dementia, cost of expensive treatment and care homes. I enclosed the links to the questions on the same subject in the House of Lords recently.

    MP replied that 'it was very concerning' and he would pass it on to the Health Secretary.

    Not heard anything yet......and will be surprised if anything is done !

  • ...of course nothing will be done. NICE et al are mostly on the payroll of BIG Pharma. Far too cozy a relationship to be disrupted - to hell with the people who vote for them.

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