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Thanks for all replies to previous post but now worried as GP wants to review!

Much improved now I am on T3 as per my last post. After 3 month trial and dramatic improvements I can only get my script on a 28 day basis, no repeat offered despite pharmacist and myself requesting. My appointment with endo was end of sept and recommendation to continue on t3 but now GP wants a review. ? Lots of talk everywhere about expense as if I am some unworthy piece of crap who doesn't deserve to feel better at such a high price of £150 a month. I prob pay more than that in NI anyway! I am looking for a way to buy my own. Hate to feel beholden. To get my last prescription took two phone calls three visits to surgery and two to chemists, oh and final visit to collect. Fiasco. If anyone can tell me where to buy safe supply. (I am on 20mg per day) I would be grateful. Pm if you prefer or if that is the required method. Many many thanks to all x

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This is riddiculous I really think the Health Minister needs to be made more aware of the situations because most of these ignorant GP's will end up causing the NHS more money by not taking these thyroid problem more seriously.


Maybe your GP will be willing to prescribe T3 on a 'named patient' basis and the T3 is cheaper too. He may refuse as the BTA in their guidelines don't recommend T3 - it's well seen that none of the doctors in that profession have ever had a thyroid gland dysfunction that didn't respond to levothyroxine. Maybe as well it's because the majority of women develop the disease and they've lost that empathy which is required to help people who display clinical symptoms - which they don't know either and prescribe anything for the symptoms but nothing to assist the thyroid gland.

(t3 on the bottom of the page)

You went home angry and the Endo pocketed your £240.

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Thanks shaws. Useful info if I am blocked from T3


Maybe GP would like to read this:

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