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Nature Throid or Novothyral

I have recently been privately prescribed Novathyral 75mcgs after struggling on T4 only with low energy/mood but attempting increase in dose gave me hyper symptoms. .(The only t4 I can tolerate is Wockhardt 25mcgs -dose 87.5 mcg daily.)

started the Novothyral but felt quite bad after first day - no sleep, hot sweats, upset tummy all night, anxiety, heart rate odd, lots of catarrh, hip pain, aching legs etc.

Needless to say I don't know whether to continue with it or not.

My questions are does anyone have experience/comments about Novothyral?

Also please PM me where I can buy Nature Throid without prescription? Thought I might be better with That.

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Daffers, I think Novothyral contains 75mcg T4 + 15mcg T3. I suspect it is the 15mcg T3 which has upset you. Halve the tablet for a week or two to get used the T3 and take 37.5mcg Wockhardt with it, and then try the full Novothyral tablet.

I prefer separate T4 and T3 tablets to combination tablets as I think it is easier to adjust doses individually to suit.


Thanks so much for both your replies Clutter you are a life saver. Was despairing of Novothyral as hadn't realised it had as much T3 - no wonder it hit me as I found last year I am very sensitive to T3 (and all chemicals).

Pity the prescriber didn't think yo warn me about 15mcg straight off!

I will give it a try in halves as you suggest. I seem to tolerate 6 mcg Lio fairly well alongside the Wockhardt so may follow your guidelines and work with the 2 separately

Thank you again



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