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Hail an hour after rising has anyone experienced "swimmy" "dizzy" head along with a general feeling of all over shakiness and weakness.sometimes my head feels as though it will burst it is only through sheer will power I can get through the day . I can also feel "tingly "all over .This has occurred having tried Thyroxine Armour and now T3on it's own and generally whatever my blood tests reveal , good or bad here I am with another cry for help as my present Endo and I think the best refuses to listen to these symptoms and says he hopes I will be fine once he has seen my TSH go below the general lowest recognised reading

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Your Endo is following the guidelines but it's good he suggests getting your TSH to below the guidelines and I would follow his advice. Our whole body when hypo is very sensitive to everything (we may have anxiety,insomnia, and a myriad of other things) - sensations in our tissues happen as well so hopefully when you get onto a dose which suits you that you will gradually get better.


Thank you so much Shaws for your reply .You have given hope for the future which had been failing


But has he tested your B12? Sounds like that could be low. Low B12 can cause all sorts of nasty symptoms, including dizziness.


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