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Thyroid getting me down

Hacked off is an understatement .i am realy down over my weight issues had my thyroids out at twelve years ago and was told i will now live a happy normal life as i was clear of cancer although i had a risk i could get it again in lymph nodes it was uncommon but can happen so suppose i should be grateful am one of the lucky ones who lived to tell the tale as i lost my mum and nephew to cancer 😢however i not been same for three years six stone weight gain hair snapping and genraly tired in.myself as well as tired of excesise an healthy eating more i do more weight i gain more depressed i become ..hopin liothyronine would help along wiith levothyroxine its not!!! Thinkin of tryin armour never felt so ugly an worthlesd in my life anyone else get like this?

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Sorry that your thyroid issues are getting you so down. I can relate - I've put on over 2.5 stone - most of that gained since the beginning of the year & I hate it.

Do you get your bloods checked regularly especially for Vit D, B12, folate & ferritin?

If you don't get them checked out as if they are low then that will add to the tiredness & fatigue which doesn't help.

I've read a lot on these boards and from what I can gather - if you have a conversion problem then all the exercise in the world won't help. In fact, it makes you feel worse.

I do feel that this is where my problem lies & hopefully that will be what I find out tomorrow from my blood tests!


Hello nylarae,

Sorry to hear of your problems..you sound undermedicated.

You will never lose weight with low thyroid hormone as they control your metabolism. In fact the more you try..the more of a reverse effect it can have on the body.

If you post recent thyroid hormone test results with ranges (numbers in brackets), members will comment.

Also post the Vit tests that kk12 has already suggested above.


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neither levothyroxine or t3 or armour will help if underlying vitamin and mineral deficiencies are not corrected

plus you may well be grossly undermedicated

Ask your GP to do


Free t4

Free T3




Vit d3

then get a copy of the results inc reference ranges and we can help you fathom this


Thanks x


HI nylarase, I can sympathise, i still have my thyroid but GPs going by my low TSH will not up my meds. Its got so bad that the slightest exercise or stress exhausts me. Ive gone up two sizes in as many months and my hair and nails are brittle, eyebrows falling out etc. i have gut problems, too. The gastro ordered bloods to check for malabsorption of vits, minerals, etc. when I was with my old surgery, but they werent done till I changed to another surgery. It turns out I have low levels in lots of cases plus subclinical hyperparathyroid. I asked to see an endocrinologist and I got a referral. You will get lots of help and advice here. It gave me the confidence to stand up for myself and push my case. The endo doesnt necessarily agree with what is said, and has told me what she'd advise, but she is leaving it to me to take it or leave it, and has also given me some pointers if I want to self medicate. Meanwhile, more tests.

Good luck,


Getting the results of my thyroid biopsy on Wed. figures crossed and prayers being said~~~on top of that my mom just past away on the 19th so I'm already an emotional wreck :(


Hope your results good news so sorry to hear ur sad news no the score there as well lost both my parents mum at a young age dad three years ago x


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