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Time for an increase?

I moved over to Thyroid S from Levo in February 2015. I was on 150 mcg Levo at the time, but with ongoing symptoms of hair loss and inability to lose weight I felt I needed more, although my GP wanted to reduce my dose because my TSH was always suppressed).

I have been on 2 grains of Thyroid S since March 2015 and overall things are going well. I have lost nearly a stone and for the first few months hair regrowth and fingernails were really good.

Generally, I have felt well throughout, apart from a phase in May/June where I had three stomach bugs and a throat infection in quick succession.

Six months in though, I am beginning to wonder whether I need an increase. I have had another major hair fall and my finger nails are breaking off below the free edge again. I also have persistent pain in both upper arms.

I forgot to take my temperature this morning, but I took it last night before I went to bed and it was 340C. That seems to be usual for me. It has never risen despite 18 months on Levo and six months on NDT.

I had some blood tests in July as follows:

Vitamin B12773 (191-663)

Vitamin D63 (>75)

I am now supplementing both again.

Ferritin was also tested and came back at 279(15-350). That looks a tad high, but this was during the period when I had been ill.

I am due for a thyroid test any time now, having not had one since last October, but I’m in no rush.

What do you think, should I go another half grain and see what happens?

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I would just up the dose by 1/4 gr and after 2 weeks if still feeling you need a bit more take another quarter and so on. It's easier (I believe to drop a quarter if you feel overstimulated than a half) . Some people vary up to 4 gr or more. Your temp is very low and I think could be a little bit higher but sometimes our temp doesn't come back to normal but our body feels warm.

I would get your blood test a number of weeks after you think you are on a stable dose. Get the appointment at the earliest and fast and leave about 24 hours between your dose of NDT and the blood test.

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Ansteynomad, 1/2 grain should be okay but do book in for a thyroid test 6-8 weeks after increasing.


I increased a 1/4 grain and now, ten days later, the hair loss is accelerating.

There are no signs of over medication, so I will increase again by another 1/4 grain, but it getting increasingly desperate for an answer to this.

Gas anyone taken biotin?


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