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Healthy eating?

Dear all, I'd really appreciate it if anybody tell me, in a nutshell, what is ok to eat and what not with under-active thyroid.

Flower/Clutter one of you mentioned NO gluten which I thought was only for those with Hashimoto's. I am a vegan so already pretty restricted and I like frequent hot drinks to warm up (yes even in summer!). Is caffeine okay? Although I do occasionally give it up I feel no better without it, just colder.

Already I have no sugar other than naturally occurring in fruit and veg.

Many thanks for all the excellent posts.


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Hi I would like too know this too I'm so ill at the moment with a cold that's gone too my chest which I'm prone too I have low iron and b12 I'm vegetarian but I'm wondering if I have too much dairy. Giving up pasta and rice and bread would be tough. And not sure I could bring myself too eat meat again 😞


Ladies, I was a vegetarian and for the last 12 month a raw vegan. Sadly I have developed what I think is Hashi and have returned to eating fish, eggs and meat butter etc, I have abandoned gluten and caffiene along with my weakness for sugar. I felt so ill that I was prepared to forsake pleasures for just being able to function. The removal of gluten has prompted a reduction in anxiety and a clearer mind.

Breakfast is: bowl of frozen berries with honey and yogurt, follwed by gluten free cornflakes half a sliced banana, flax pumpkin and sunflower seeds maple syrup with a home made coconut milk (coconut block with hot water mixed and then placed in the fridge).

about an hour and a half later: 1 slice of gluten free fruit loaf and 4 brazil nuts followed by a raw carrot.

Lunch sainsbury's Thia chicken soup and a smoked salmon sandwich with butter and lemon juice milled pepper. Or egg on toast. Macrel or Tuna on toast with avocado and raw onion tomatoes cucumber with balsamic / sweet chilli sauce (the only processed food here).

Fruit plum, peach apple satsuma grapes (to snack on inbetween meals)

Drinks: Breakfast fresh lemon juice, maple syrup with hot water x 1ltr. Repeat 4x a day I mix this up with fresh ginger and honey x 1ltr and a combination of Fruit teas peppermint, blackcurrent etc.

Dinner: Stir fry chicken, peppers, ginger, onion mushrooms no rice or noodles. Cicken and coconut madras with sweet potatoes. Hungarian goulash sweet pots and brocholi and snap peas.

late evening snack 1 slice of fruit loaf 4 brazil nuts and 1 date.

I vexed with the animal cruelty aspects of this, but desperation as a single guy trying to survive meant deserate measures. I do feel very guilty but ultimately my self preservation came first.

I hope this helps?


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Sounds delicious!!! Not for me though as I won't go back to eating animal produce and don't have anything like syrup or honey nor corn-flakes because they are sweetened.

Can anyone tell me about oats? I've read that they contain a gluten like substance (avy ....) that is tolerated by most people who need to avoid gluten. Can you all with thyroid problems tolerate them or not?


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