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Eating with Levothyroxine?

Hello all!

I was wondering what people's experiences/thoughts/Doctors thoughts were on the idea of eating with Levo was? We all know the classic "take on an empty stomach and don't eat for one hour afterwards", so when is everybody taking their medication?

I choose to take mine at 11:30am, as my days can vary quite drastically (9am lectures some days, working til 5am some nights). 11:30 allows for those days I've been at work and sleep in. However, most days I find myself naturally waking up at 7am/8am, meaning I can't really eat anything until 12:30 which I fear may be adding to the fatigue I experience ironically enough.

So my question is, how does everybody find a 5 hour window within their day to take their medication?



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Another question I should have added!

Does anybody know how necessary it is to take your medication on the dot every day? When my Doctor asked when I took mine, his response to "11:30" was "Wow, that's very specific".


I used to take Levo when I was doing block and replace for Graves Disease. Our alarm goes off at 06.00 although we don't normally get up until about 07.00 so I always kept my Levo and a bottle of water by the bed and took it when the alarm went off then ate breakfast around 08.00

Occasionally I used to forget (well doze off!) so I would take the Levo when I woke up and remembered and if I was going out I used to take my breakfast with me in the car and take it when the hour was up.

Some people take it last thing at night on an empty stomach, I tried that but stopped because I felt better taking it in the morning.

I would have thought he should have been pleased you were taking it at the same time each day! Good luck.

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Mattioso, Why do you need a five hour window? Levothyroxine can be taken one hour before food and drink, or two hours after when stomach has emptied. I doubt it matters if you vary the time you take it by 3 or 4 hours.


I am not a medical professional and this information is not intended to be a substitute for medical guidance from your own doctor. Please check with your personal physician before applying any of these suggestions.

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Hi Clutter!

I'd read online the rule of thumb was "on an empty stomach" which meant no food 4 hours prior, then no food for an hour following. Is this not the case?

I feel as though I'm looking into it a bit too much, still working on eliminating bad symptoms though so this is something I really want to make sure is on point!


Matt, 'empty stomach' means one hour prior to food and drink, or 2 hours after food and drink.


You can take Levo at any time, as long as your stomach is empty and you Don't eat for an hour after. You could take the whole lot once a week if that suited you better.

I take T3, so daily dosing is important. But I Don't think it matters about taking it exactly at the same time every day. I take it just before I snuggle down to sleep at night, so the time can vary.

But it's not the sort of question your doctor would have an answer to. lol They haven't got a clue!


Hi greygoose!

Once a week sounds mental, I'll look into that though, sounds much less hassle.

Are you having to take T3 on an empty stomach? I've thought about moving my levo dose to the evening, although I rarely have an empty stomach before bed, too much of a late night snacker!

I'll have a look at options and use blood tests to gauge how I'm doing rather than my doctors, thanks for the help!


Why does it sound mental? It's a storage hormone, it just stays in the blood.

Yes, I have to take my T3 on an empty stomach. Late night snacking is not good on any level. Your body needs to fast during the night. 9.0 pm should be the latest you eat as a general rule. :)


Don't get me wrong I 100% take your word for it and after googling it found many people have actually found it more effective. I just cannot believe in all my research and speaking to doctors nobody had ever mentioned that was possible

There's a new years resolution for me then! 9PM cut off


It's not talked about very much. But it happens. :)



I take mine t bed pop out into pill container and take in the night when waking up to use the toilet few nights I don't wake up just take as soon as I do. For 14 years I took with breakfast as did not know not to

Best Wishes Rose

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I take mine at 7am or around that time, and just either go without a beakfast, or have it an hour later if i can. I know some state that they set alarm an hour before they are due to wake, and leave water and tablets on bedside.


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