Hayfever returns

Has anyone in the East Anglia/Suffolk region noticed that their hay fever symptoms have been particularly bad over the past 2 weeks or so ?

My nose hasn't stopped running, my legs are leaden and aching and I cant stop sneezing. Normally my symptoms are bad in May/June and long gone by now.

Or can I say that I am now having an allergic reaction to my thyroid meds ???

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  • Equally bad in Kent, increased humidity in late summer/early autumn increases fungal spores which many hay fever sufferers are also allergic too

  • Ah, that could be it. Thanks x

  • Actually, now you come to mention it, yes. :) I thought I'd just picked up the beginnings of a cold. I'm on the cusp of E Anglia, on the Northants/Beds border, surrounded by a lot of farmland though. Wonder what it could be? Nothing much is in bloom... ?

  • I'm allergic to aspergillus which causes many fungal diseases in plants so could well be the causative spore.

  • Daffers, my sister, Enfield, who usually suffers through the summer is finding it quite bad now, particularly after a rainstorm

  • I am in Kent. Since last Wednesday, have been sneezing, nose streaming, on and off nausea and fatique. My husband who has never suffered from hay fever has been having a number of sneezing bouts. Also a number of friends with similar symptoms. The fungal spores sound a likely cause.

  • I have been taking the supplement Quercetin and although I still have allergies it does seem to help dampen them.

  • would Quercetin help with raised thyroid anti bodies do you think ?

  • Sorry Daffers I have no idea. If you google the subject I am sure you will learn much about Quercetin and possibly find answers to your question.

  • Thanks to all who replied. sounds like the spores might be culprit - round here it's been very dry and maybe harvesting stirred it all up .

    Been a bit better this week

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