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3 different brands of Levo in my meds?!

As my Doctor said he didn't know how much Levo I should/would be taking (might go up or down from the 125mcg I'd been on) he said he'd prescribe 25mcg 50mcg and 100mcg so I could be flexible. That's fine by me, but I've ended up with 3 different brands, and while I've not yet changed the dose yet I've felt pants after 2 days on the new tablets. Is it OK to mix 3 different brands like this or could this be why I'm feeling iffy again? I thought that these are all meant to be 'standard', any views?

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I ought to add that I checked the forum and 2-3 years ago this seemed to be an issue, but I couldn't see anything more current, hence post.


Hello liverish,

They are meant to be standard but variations have been found in the past and members have complained of not doing so well on one brand as perhaps another.

Unfortunately you are in "their" hands as the pharmacy will just dispense what they stock unless your doctor specifies on the prescription.

I went through a stage of being prescribed Eltroxin which didn't really make any difference to me. And the major draw back was when the chemist ran out they wouldn't dispense any other brand because my prescription specified Eltroxin. ...leaving me without..!!

More hassle than its worth if you can bear it.

I think concentrating on nutrition, absorption and conversion is paramount.

Others will comment on their experiences.

Good luck



Thanks Flower, it might be that I just need to up the dose, my doctor did say last week to take it up to 150mcg, but as he is also quite upfront about having very little idea and 'knowing absolutely nothing about T3 - don't even think it got covered at medical school' I don't pay too much heed to him. I had hoped to hold off upping the dose as I'm waiting on delivery of Nutri-thyroid on the recommendation of Dr P, and thought I'd augment a lower Levo dose with it, can't wait that long though as I've got work piling up that needs attention. Ho Hum.


Oh that's very reassuring of your doctor.

It seems they not only lack knowledge but tact as well.


Shame your NDT hadn't arrived. It's just not good to stop & start different meds.



Interesting ellismay

Thank you for sharing



Liverish, It's best to stick with the brand you know suits you whenever possible. Potency and excipients vary and can affect absorption and thyroid response . Mercury Pharma made palpitations worse than Actavis for me but I've not had problems when Wockhardt has been added to Actavis.

If the 100mcg tablet is different to that you've previously taken, try 2 x 50mcg tablets + 25mcg and see whether you feel any better, or even 2.5 x 50mcg tablets.

Mercury Pharma is available in 25mcg, 50mcg & 100mcg. Actavis (also known as Almus) 50mcg & 100mcg, and Wockhardt 25mcg.

Ask your pharmacist to ensure you receive your preferred brand. If the pharmacy isn't prepared to order in the one you prefer ask for the prescription back and take it elsewhere.


Just got 3 months supply, I'll go back and see if they'll swap them out :(


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