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Essential oils

I read recently that a few drops of BASIL ASSENTIAL OIL massaged into skin over the adrenals helps aid adrenals, likewise a few drops of FRANKINSENSE ESSTIAL OIL applied to thyroid area aids thyroid function. Anyone tried this? don't think it could cause any harm and these two oils smell gorgeous. I think it is advised that essential oils be mixed with a carrier oil e.g. almond but maybe this not absolutely necessary.. Another way would be to add a few drops to bath water- lovely

P.S. I'm trying the "script" myself but too soon to say if these oils help!!!

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The only essential oils advised to be applied neat are lavender and tea-tree, all other oils should be diluted with a carrier oil before application. A carrier oil can be sweet almond, grape seed, olive oil, among many. (Grapeseed can stain.) A patch test should be done by applying the diluted essential oil to the inside of the elbow. Take care when adding oil to a bath as it can make the bath slippery. Having said all those things I don't have a problem with neat oils, although I always dilute for clients. Rosemary is also mentioned as an oil for adrenals.

I love the smell of essential oils and make my own soaps, creams, bath salts and room scents.


Thanks for reply esp. info re. rosemary - are you an aromathermapist? (Spelling?) I use oils from time to time and don't have probs. with any neat oils but test first. Just included the bit about diluting to be on the safe side . Yes I know about bath, needs a good scrub after, maybe should also have mentioned that on post . Assumed everyone cleaned bath after use....SILLY ME!


Yes, I am trained as an aromatherapist, although this isn't my main alternative therapy.

It's not the cleaning of the bath after use but when trying to get out of the bath when oil has been in the water. I'm glad that you are careful.

Do enjoy the lovely essential oils.


Thanks again for reply and for advising caution re slippy bath. I sit in bath , drain water then then rinse both me and bath with warm water from shower also, soap helps dispersal of oil AND bubbles AND dead sea minerals salts I sort of "concoct" a bath......

My bath begins to sound complicated, sometimes think I'm following a recipe. Just wanted maybe to introduce new comers to experiment by only mentioning 2 oils

My favourite oil is sandalwood - really drawn to it. Any info on what it'd good for Also love clary sage for super relaxation

Hope you can make sense of my rambling - not too good at explaining!!!!

Being nosy now. your main alternative therapy? (DO TELL) Thanks


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