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Instead of Isocort?

I took Isocort for more than two years and did great on it. Then, it was reformulated, and they went from sheep adrenal to plant-based derivatives. Not so good anymore.

Finally, Isocort was discontinued altogether. I have never tried hydrocortisone, but I have been on Medrol for the past couple of years. It's OK (at least I feel worse if I forget a dose or two), but it's not natural, and I'd love to get off it one day.

This site recommends SR Adrenal instead of Isocort; I'd therefore like to know if anyone has tried SR and, if so, what did you think?

Many holistic practitioners claim you should only take adrenal support for a limited period of time if you have adrenal fatigue, and then be able to wean off it. Right now, I cannot imagine ever going off all adrenal support, so I'd really like to know if anyone has successfully treated adrenal fatigue and subsequently been able to wean off all adrenal support (prescription and OTC)?

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Nutri-meds adrenal cortex works for a friend of mine who has tried pretty much everything on the market since Isocort was discontinued.


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