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graves disease ?????? please help!!!

Please please help me I cant cope anymore - Im 35 and had my thyroid removed 9 yrs ago due to over active thyroid but last 6 mths I feel like Ive gone back to hell! Im having most of the same symptoms as I was before I was treated. My head feels like its gonna explode, I cant be bothered doing anything and get spurts of energy then im in bed shattered for hours! I'm sick to death of taking Anadin Extra! and biting peoples head off and I have NO patience with anyone. The thing is no-one is listening to me anymore and I feel like I am moaning all the time. My GP just keeps doing blood tests and I havent seen the endicrone dept since they whipped my thyroid out! I just want one question answering which is - DO I HAVE GRAVES DISEASE IF I HAD HYPERTHYROIDISM???? no one will answer me. I'm so sorry for rambling but Im at the end of my tether and sick of crying x x x

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Tori, I know virtually nothing about Graves disease, but I understand your utter despair and frustration very well.

I believe that a diagnosis of Graves would be confirmed by a positive Graves antibody test. It may be that removing your thyroid means you're now suffering symptoms of hypOthyroidism. I guess you don't actually have any of your test results?

The only other help I can offer is to point you in the direction of another website that's specifically for Graves sufferers. It's not a UK based site, but I really hope you can get some help there.

<b>Updated on Jul 7 2010 9:51PM:</b> The following link will download a PDF document about Hyperthyroidism by the British Thyroid Association. With regard to diagnosis of Graves disease it says:

"Graves’ disease is almost always accompanied by the presence of the TSH-receptor autoantibodies in the blood and very frequently by thyroid peroxidase (TPO) autoantibodies which may both be a useful tool for diagnosis."

Your GP can check you records to see if you've had positive tests for this.



My ex husband who I'm still best friends with has also had Graves disease for nearly a decade. He has recieved next to no real support either. He is the lovliest person and it has been painful to watch him suffer and see his life altered so much by this horrible disease. He now has an appointment with Dr Durrant-Peatfield when he comes to our area in two weeks. We both read his book The Thyroid Scandal and How to Survive It. We both thought that what he says makes the most sense. You probably know about Dr Peatfield his schedule is up on the thyroid patients advocacy website . Maybe he can help you to get your life back too.


Dr P is one of our medical advisers and is a Trustee on our Board, his details are in our list of Private Doctors and Practitioners. :-)


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