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Completion of block and replace

Hi Everyone

I took my final block and replace on 17/08/15. for the next few days I felt I had it a brick wall, so tired, however I have been feeling less tired lately. I was hypo for a long time and took ages for my endo to get my levels right which was for the last three months. How long does it take for the thyroid to kick in? I am very confused to how I am feeling, I get hot flushes, difficulty in falling asleep and waking early, but I have pins and needles in my hands and feet and one of my toes is completely numb and has been for a few months, so I am not sure if I am going hyper or hypo or is this being normal again?. Is this usual to feel this way when you first come off your meds? I will appreciate any insight or ideas.

Many thanks for your help in advance :)

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Hi Neeka, I went into successful remission from Block and Replace in 2009 but never felt entirely well. Did not have levels as high as yours though, you poor thing! I'm self medicating as my levels are too low now but what I wanted to suggest is looking at the four important supplements that ensure good thyroid function, B12, Vit D, ferritin and folate, some of your symptoms indicate you may be low in these.

I sometimes wonder if being low in these is what caused my first attack as I've obviously had Graves all my life (attack occurred at 51) maybe menopause related too of course.

You can find great advice on here about the level these four should be at for good thyroid function. It's worth a try and you have nothing to lose by supplementing in the next few months while waiting to see how your thyroid is going to react.


Hi Jacquid

Thank you for your response, I will try supplementing with what you suggest, I am hoping you can get them from a health shop, I can only benefit and hopefully will achieve remission. Thank you for your support, I really appreciate it.

Take care


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