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Very naughty experiment

Happy Monday everyone.

I had an increase at the start of July because of feeling rubbish and consequently rubbish test results (TSH: 3.5 range 0.5-4.5, T4: 7, range 9-23, T3: 3.6, range 3.8-6.9). GP increased levothyroxine to 150mcg. This was fine for the first few weeks but I noticed I put on 10lbs in a month!

So I did something quite naughty/stupid. Ordered up some T3 and have taken levo out the mix and been on T3 only for 2 weeks. Not a massive dose or does it replace my previous dose. I’m taking 60mcg per day – 40mcg in the morning and 20mcg in the afternoon (was previously on 150mcg T4 and 30mcg T3).

Now I do feel slightly tired but won’t increase for a bit however I have started to lose weight/ lose water. Are some people just better on T3 only.

The experiment has been poorly run by me – ideally I wouldn’t have done it until my next set of tests but I was so shocked by the weight gain and felt jittery/anxious. All those feelings have now gone but I think I’m under medicated now (my own fault) as my eyes are sore. Me and levo have never really got on and it’s a fine line for me with that drug.

Any thoughts please feel free. Also to tell me I was stupid and should have waited! x

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I glad that you have had some weight loss which will be encouraging for you. You will have the residue of T4 in your system for about 6 weeks as 1 dose takes around that time to gradually diminish.

20mcg of T3 is equal approx to 60mcg of levo so 60mcg T3 is approx 180mcg levo.

Some people feel better when T3 is added to T4: some when on T3 only, so it is a bit of a trial and error.

When you begin T3 you should take your temp/pulse before beginning so you can keep a check if you feel too warm or if pulse goes too high, then several times a day until you feel well again.

Best wishes.


Thanks so much Shaws. Pulse has been great for a couple of weeks now and I've lost that jittery feeling I used to get when I was on t4 only.

The GP who seen me last month has made a referral to see a specialist so I might book one up and discuss a t3 only diet in a few months if it's still working :) x


To find an Endo who is willing to prescribe T3 is like looking for a needle in a haystack but sometimes one can get lucky and I hope you do.


Thanks so much! I've already been prescribed it by my endo who first diagnosed me. GP's were very unwilling because it makes "no difference" and can be dangerous. Even on the combination I've only had 2 dose changes in the year I've been on it compared to every 6 weeks since June 2013 when I was first diagnosed and on t4 only! The evidence is there but they choose to be blind to it.... xx

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Dr Lowe has said it was due to Big Pharma's push with levothyroxine that they had to make it appear that it was 'best' and everything else not useful. Apparently doctors in the USA get monetary rewards for prescribing certain medications.

Considering that NDT had been proven for many years they still give mis-information about it. I'm glad your Endo is open to trying other than levo if needs be.


Pennyrose, I don't think it is stupid to try alternatives when what is prescribed isn't working and your results on 125mcg T4 + 30mcg T3 indicate undermedication. Increasing to 150mcg T4 wasn't likely to improve your FT3 much.

150mcg T4 + 30mcg T3 is equivalent to 80mcg T3. You might want to increase dose to 70mcg initially as that may help with the tiredness and sore eyes. Perhaps take the 10mcg at bedtime.


Thanks so much. I have read some people benefiting from t3 at night but I am concerned I might wake up super awake! However I might try that on Friday night and see how it goes :) xx


Pennyrose, a lot of people find it improves sleep. Bed time dosing neither improves, nor interferes, with my sleep.


Hi Pennyrose I take half a tablet of T3 before I go to bed and it does help me sleep (I'm on 75mg in total a day, 25mg morning, 25mg early afternoon, 12.5 early evening, 12.5 just before bed) if I miss the bedtime dose I feel it the next day X


Thanks kitten, will try this this week :) x

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