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Forgotten To Take Tablet?

Has anyone ever forgotten to take their Levothyroxine? I'm on 50mcg and to be honest I have days where I just can't remember if I've taken my tablet-it's so automatic pilot that I honestly don't remember.

Has it had an effect on anyone if they miss a dose? Do you think it would be ok to leave it till the following day? Please reply soon as I think I forgot my tablet this morning as I was racing around preparing for a trip away.

Thank you!!!

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No, I've never forgotten, I'm very particular about taking meds as directed. To help you remember why not put them on your bedside table (with a glass of water) and then it will be the first thing you see on the morning or last thing at night (which is when I take mine to keep my Levothyroxine well away from supplements I take).

Missing one dose of Levo shouldn't affect you. If you have forgotten today's dose then you could take it now, but if you're not sure it might not be a good idea in case you are doubling up and it might be too much for you.


I do the same as SeasideSusie, water and tablets on bedside table.

I also decant a weeks worth into a plastic dosette strip box with the days of the week on it. I think it cost a £1 from our local pharmacy!

I know it's not easy if you have "brain fog", there are times I have to ask OH what day of the week it is....just to check!

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Celticlady, forgetting one dose isn't a problem but if you forget several you will become undermedicated. I use the task setting on my phone and have set alarmed reminders to take meds, supplements etc. As soon as I've taken them I mark the task completed. A note by your meds with days to tick off will work as well.


If you have a mobie phone yu can set reminders on it. It is usefu in remembering t take tablets.


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