Can you take an extra tablet if on a very low dose?

I have only been on Levo 6 weeks and I was feeling much better but the last 5/6 days ive had all my symptoms creeping back.... today I feel dreadful so tired again and itching is awful. I have a very busy weekend and next week too (being xmas n having a 6 year old!) so ive just taken an extra tablet! I don't think last night absorbed well anyhow as I take it at 11pm and I ate my supper at 9pm..... do you think it will be ok ? it was that or tons of redbull today :-( I am seeing my GP for blood results Monday...

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It is recommended to have a blood test around every 6 weeks initially and dose increased until you feel well. As you have had your blood test already taking your increase wont do you harm and I am sure your GP will increase your medication from Monday anyway. Always get a print-out from the surgery for your own records and you can post them here if you have a query on them.

When having a blood test don't take your meds at night and take it after your blood test.

Do you really drink a lot of Red Bull ? the caffeine content is high so won't be helping you feel better.

Six weeks into Levo means it is still early days, it can take many months to find the right dose, just take it slowly as increasing to soon could push you the other way.

No, I don't infact I drink decaffeinated tea even, I know how bad it is. Thanks x

Although its such a busy time please don't skimp on sleep & regular meals. Its not unusual for hypothyroid px to need 10+ hours sleep at night AND a morning or afternoon nap.

If your GP raises your meds Monday, you should feel some benefits in 8/10 days, when you especially need it :)

ps 2 hours is usually time enough for the stomach to empty and allow maximum absorption of meds.

thanks, it didn't seem to do me any harm.. haven't done it again. x

Can you tell us the amount of meds you are on and how much extra you took pls.

Moggie x

25 and took another 25 x

Hi, well I saw a different GP who didn't even think as "borderline" I should be on any meds at all, OMG! she ranted on about how she patients with worse blood results who don't have my symptoms!! so def no increase today! So, going back to see my own GP as planned end of January.

Did get the results though, except T3 ?? even though it was requested on the blood form.. unless they take a bit longer than other?? don't know what you can make of thses...

My first results 7 weeks ago were, TSH 2.3 (0.35-4.5)

FT3 4.1 (4-8.3)

T4 11.1 (10-24)

Today they were TSH 0.97 and T4 12.3

to me it looks like they are better ....

Also, got B12 344...

Folate 14.8

Feritin 25 Ug/l

Don't know what they mean?

Please can you give us some ranges (figures in brackets after the result) for your B12, folates and ferritin (which is very low by the way)

Moggie x

p.s. When you get the ranges it might be better to ask a new question instead of tagging your results on to this question as they will most likely get missed.

Moggie x

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