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Hi guys! I've been having a serious problem and idk what to do. I sleep 10 +hours and still feel tired , I drink coffee and vape nicotine then immediately feel out of it. I have blurry vison and unable to concentrate along with memory loss and chest pains. These symptoms are throughout the day for the past couple months if anyone can help I would be so grateful. Thank you.

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Have you had any tests run at the doctors? If you post the results (including ranges) we might be able to hazard a guess.

In the mean time cut down, or cut out if you can, the caffeine and nicotine.


How old are about parasite


Hello Mikeyjd

Welcome to our forum and sorry to hear you are having problems.

I can't comment on why you should be sleeping so long and feeling so ill after caffeine & nicotine. We are a forum dealing with thyroid issues.

A thyroid hormone inbalance can cause tiredness and over stimulation. Have you spoken with your GP and requested thyroid function tests?

If I were you I would also ask for a cortisol test which is a hormone secreted by the adrenals in response to physical or psychological stress. Long term stress can affect how the adrenal glands work.

If you post results in a new question complete with ranges (numbers in brackets), members will comment.

Over stimulation caused by caffeine and nicotine aka "the jitters" can make you feel anxious and ill, and interfere with nutrient absorption. This in turn will cause further ill effects and health problems.

You need to stop the coffee and cigarettes but be aware of withdrawal symptoms.


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Dear Mikeyjd,

Couls be a number of things. As I have pernicious amaemia, I do recognise those symptoms, which can indicate Vitamin B12 deficiency,which has a number of causes.Are you vegan for instance? Can lead to B12 deficiency,as B12 can only be obtained from animal sources. You need a blood test for B12 .The latest one is more accurate than the old B12 serum test. You need to be tested also for the Intrisic Factor antibody if your B12 is on the low side. In the meantime do not supplement with B12, as your test will be skewed Do all this for starters, and come back to us if you have difficulties. All the very best to you


Hi mikey I am just like you I'm hashi an I feel like I'm stoned everyday . I also vape never out of my mouth but better than 20 fags a day cough starting to go away I only have one coffee but lots of tea . I have got lots of great advice on this site if you post all your blood results someone will advise you . I take lots of supplements due to advice an I now know how to manage my tyroid problem . Although I never really have a day that I feel good the way I used to . Pain in chest basically everywhere but hanging in lol hope you get sorted soon :)


Any reason that you came to a Thyroid Forum for advise? Do you have hypothyroid symptoms weight gain, swelling?


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