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Hi was diagnosed under active about 5 years ago and I've been fine since I became stabilised. But for the past few months I've been getting some symptoms again, like weight gain dry skin thinning hair tiredness . I've had my bloods done recently and my doc said everything is fine , my level is right in the middle. Whatever that means. Anyway I've been going to the gym and swim 3 times a week, I also walk the dog twice a day for at least an hour a time but can't seem to loose weight . please help . I'm wondering how much I would of put on if I didn't do all this activity .

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The clue to what's wrong was your doctor's "right in the middle" comment. At a guess, your blood test results probably show that you are not optimally medicated - there's room for improvement if one of those numbers is in the middle.

Ask your doctor for a copy of your blood test results (you are entitled to see them) and post them here for advice.


I will do . sick of it all now back at the docs next week


Check your ferritin.


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