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Update on T4/T3 combination

After a shaky start (mostly my own fault) I have now settled to 100 mcg Levothyroxine and 20 mcg Liothyronine taken first thing in the morning. I certainly feel more human. I'm sleeping better, not feeling cold and there are no periods of debilitating tiredness. I haven't had a migraine for over a month. I have done nothing to try to lose weight but there is a very very slow shift downwards giving me the impression that if I was to reduce my food intake even a little I could lose even more. My tinnitus is still here and this increases with stress. Excess mucus can still be a problem causing and maintaining a chronic sinus infection. I've tried giving up dairy and the tiny improvement isn't significant enough to make it worthwhile. I have been taking no supplements so that I can reintroduce them gradually to see what makes a difference. Whether I stay with this combo or move to NDT will depend on several factors. GP surgeries are reluctant to provide T3 and it has been a battle to get my Liothyronine prescribed each month depsite having my endo support. Time will tell.

Now the down side - if it's indeed related. I have developed joint pains which I didn't have before. I'm 66 so don't expect to be as fit as a 30 year old but there has been a rapid onset rather than a gradual wear and tear. I will be monitoring this.

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I am glad there's an improvement in how you feel but am sorry you are having joint pains. I wonder if you increase T3 by 1/4 tablet if that will help even though I know there's a problem with cost. If you do better and your GP sees an improvement he can provide Cytomel or Cynomel on a 'named patient basis' which will be cheaper and just as good but some are reluctant.

I had joint/muscle pain on levo but T3 relieved them. I also had a problem with some T3 which started giving me symptoms. I'm fine now no pain or anything and feel good.

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