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Lingering symptoms on Levo

After taking 75mcgs levo since 2011,(diagnosed with auto immune thyroiditis), I persuaded my endo to increase to 100mcg in March this year, as I felt sluggish and couldn't keep a normal weight. These symptoms went but I sill have lingering suggestions that my thyroid is not working - aching bones, joints (knees and hips mainly) and muscles, brittle nails, foggy brain and poor memory, low basal temperature (averages around 36.2 c). Recent bloods: TSH .1 (.3 - 5.5); Free T3 5.2 (0-7); Free T4 18.3 (11.5 - 22.7). Is there anything I could try to get rid of the symptoms? I tried increasing the levo but went into 'hyper' mode and felt awful.

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Have you had the following tested ? - Ferritin - Folate - Iron - B12 - VitD. They all need to be OPTIMAL for your Levo to work and to convert into T3.... Results with ranges would help people to help you....


Hi Marz, the only one of those I had done was Vit D in 2014. The result was 62 (50 - 125). I take1000iu D3 daily, as well as selenium (200 ug), B complex, including B12 (100 ug). I don't stand a chance of getting those tests done via my GP. It took the best part of two years getting them to test the free T3 and T4. I'll look up private labs and get them done from there. Thanks.


I think you need to increase your dose of VitD3 to at least 3000IU's. If you divide your result by 2.5 it gives you 25 and if you look at the chart in the link below it tells you how to dose according to your result. The measurements are different in America. On the same website there is another chart indicating the levels required to prevent certain serious around 3000/3500 would be good to try and raise your levels.

The B12 contained with a B complex is not sufficient in my non-medical opinion. Better to take it in a single tablet - Jarrow - Methycobalamin either 1000mcg or 5000mcg. To be dissolved under the tongue to avoid disruption in the stomach/gut.

Information for private testing is available on the main Thyroid UK website - good luck :-)


That's great Marz, thanks for your helpful information.


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