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Radioactive iodine

I had half my thyroid removed 2 years ago as i had nodules my readings are now borderline but i have another toxic nodule on the other side of my neck the doctor at the hospital now wants me to have RAI because of this which i dont really want

.I suffered overactive thyroid since 1999 and was on carbimazole until the operation with no bad effects i now have Osteoporosis and Atrial Fibrilation osteoporosis borderline so on Alendronic Acid and calcium tablets

My question is worried to have RAI as may lose hair and put weight on hair already gone thin and very dry and just think better to have half a thyroid functioning than none at all would appreciate others peoples opinions to help me to decide what to do Thankyou

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Hopcott, hyperthyroidism increases the risks of atrial fibrillation and osteoporosis. If you can't resume Carbimazole I think you must seriously consider RAI or thyroidectomy. A malfunctioning thyroid gland is not worth hanging on to.

Hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism cause thinning dry hair and hair loss. RAI doesn't. I had high dose RAI and follow up low dose RAI 5 months later without losing any hair.

RAI will usually make you hypothyroid within a few weeks/months. It is the hypothyroidism, not RAI, which can cause hairloss and weight gain. Levothyroxine can also cause hairloss during the first six months but it usually improves after.

My sister has osteopenia and also takes Alendronic Acid, intermittently rather than regularly, unfortunately. She had RAI for Graves >3 years ago and her bone mineral density has improved, due in part, I'm sure, because she took up running 2 years ago and runs 2-3 times a week. She has gained a little weight but is a little undermedicated as she won't increase dose because she has a horror of feeling hyper again.


Thanks for the info i have never

y felt bad on the carbimazole like some people my readings are ok except for TSH is 0.01 but i have ben reading that its the T3 and T4 that is the problem with the thyroid what is the TSH normal TSH reading please .


Hopcott, TSH 0.01 doesn't mean you are hyper. You are only hyper if FT4 &/or FT3 are over range too. TSH can take years to recover after being hyperthyroid and sometimes never does. Normal range TSH varies according to region. Low normal TSH is 0.4-2.0. Normal TSH range is often 0.35-5.0.

What are your FT4 and FT3, with the ranges please, if you have them?


Hi Hopcott, have you considered treating yourself with iodine - not the radioactive kind? People have successfully treated nodules and cysts in this way without resorting to anything unnatural and there are many other health benefits to be had too.

Regards, Katy


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