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Off Topic - On Beauty

Hello Everyone!

I could really use your help to answer a couple of questions for me. I am currently writing a book, based on my concept of Atmospherics ( We work with adults with learning disability and autism. We have a centre near Wells in Somerset, and we see about 60 people every week. The chapter that I am working on at the moment is about aesthetics - our response to beauty in its many shapes, forms and guises, and I would be most grateful if as many people as possible could respond.

Your answers will be anonymous, and you can PM me with your comments if you prefer. I have permission from Thyroid UK to do this survey.

1) What do you find beautiful in the world? (In nature, colour, music, art, poetry (not people)?

2) How does the experience/encounter with beauty make you feel?

Many Thanks

Love Sheenah xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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Pinned for you Sheenah




1) Autumn leaves, a stormy sea, fresh snow, the colour orange, or the combination of magenta with yellow, Pink Floyd. I don't have a real appreciation of art or poetry I'm afraid.

2) The feelings would depend on the thing. A stormy sea would make me feel small and appreciative of the scale of the world. Fresh snow makes me feel mischievous as all I want to do is ruin it! :) Colours and music make me feel warm and cheery.

Hope this helps!




1) All the shades of Autumn and the mellow air. Favourite colour, a dusty pink and colour combination blue and orange. Music such as Pier Gynt Suite, Gymnopedie by San Sans. Various Artists, soft muted colours, not modern with brash colours. Poetry by Patience Strong.

2) Autumn makes me feel content. Dusty pink makes me feel calm, blue and orange wake me up. PGS music makes me feel alive and Gymnopedie makes me feel dreamy. Art evokes all sorts of moods and the poetry makes me feel thoughtful.


Hello Sheenah,

the Majesty, Awe and Wonder of the Natural World - an African Sky in the desert- the sunrise over the ocean sailing between England and France - underwater at the Great Barrier Reef; sunset in Strangford after a hard sail home; herbal meadows high up in the Swiss Alps- mountain paths in the Southern Alps ; bush camping in Australia.

I love the smell of the plants and animals, touch the rocks (preferably not when sailing!), hear the sounds of nature and let that peace soak in; see the most exquisite vibrant colours and marvel at bio-mimicry and camouflage.

Most of all I feel happy when out enjoying, appreciating and sharing nature with others who are also aware.

This type of encounter makes me feel uplifted.



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