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Thyroid or something else??

Hi just looking for a bit of advise...back inarch 2014 I had a lump on my neck went to drs had scan ect they diagnosed multinodual thyroid apparently it's common and nothing to worry about...blood test came back as nor forward to now the goitre has got bigger im having constant mood swings, extremely tired all the time and now feel like I'm having breathing difficulties as the goitre has grown. :( finding it hard to sleep as worried il stop breathing... I'm 26 on no meds and drs aren't doing mum has graves disease and was misdiagnosed for 7 years I feel I'm going the same way!? Does this sound like a thyroid problem and what can I do to make my drs listen to me. I also have depression and anxiety. Thanks for reading xx

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First thing to do is get copies of those test results they said were 'normal'. Get copies of everything you can & post them up so people can advise better.

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Thank you - i am actually going to the drs today so if they send me for blood work i will do this as it's £5 for a print out :( my last blood test for this was a few months back but i have had scan ect and been told that the goitre is normal!? im only 26 i don't know any one of my age within my group of friends with a big lump on their neck and loads of cysts appearing everywhere on my body including wrist, behind my ear, back and foot x


Am so sorry to hear of what is happening to you.

OMG they charge you £5.00 for a print out of blood test results!!! Wow! that is excessive and unfair. They are meant to only charge ( and many dont charge at all!) the costs of printing out and are not meant to profiteer from it -clearly they are!!! Even photocopy and printer shops would not charge you that! Cheeky Monkeys!!!

I would tell your GP that your Mum suffers with Graves disease and you are concerned that what is happening mimics what happened to her. I would ask Louise Warvill on here for a list of doctors/specialists known and ask to be referred to one of them as you are clearly not being treated properly.

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