Nhs Breast Screening for 47 year and some over 70

Nhs must be taking this more seriously! I have got an invitation to attend I am 47 and have been on thyroxine for around 5 years. I now take 175micrograms of levothyroxine Apparently they are inviting younger women as part of a study. I wasnt going to go but after reading some of your posts concerning the links I will force myself to go plus it may help others.

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Do you mean mammogram?

hi yes a mammogram. I was just a bit surprised as I had not heard of it before today.

Definitely worth doing some research on this. Thanks to an early hysterectomy I was put on HRT and had a mammogram every few years. Upon reading up I decided against it.

Don't forget that surgeries 'earn' money by pushing people for tests.

This is happening throughout the UK. The NHS is evaluating the benefits of screening women 3 years either side of the usual 50-70 age range. I myself had one at the age of 48 last year. Thankfully I was clear. What made me go? The year before my sister-in-law was called for hers at the age of 47 and they found a particularly aggressive cancer which was not detectable through self-examination (i. e. not a lump). After a mastectomy, radio and chemotherapy she is now clear of cancer. Had she not gone for that early mammogram she may well not be here now. Please consider going. It saved my sister-in-law's life.

Thank you for your reply, are they bothered about family history or just your results?

The results initially but after my sister-in-law's cancer was discovered they went into her family history in more detail. She was able to tell them that 2 of her sisters had also had breast cancer. Both of them were also diagnosed before the age of 50 which guided them in treatment. Obviously I am only giving my opinion. It seems from comments on here that not everyone believes in screening. I was diagnosed with extensive pre-cancerous cells through cervical screening when I was 28 and after treatment have had no further problems. I am just very grateful for the NHS screening service.

Yes I had pre cancer cells -had laser treatment when I was 21. The doctor who made me have smear test saved my life and thanks to her I have three lovely sons. I know that they have limits but screening ages for a lot of these cancers seem to need review.

Unfortunately this doctor has retired now but when I was having palpitations after and increase in thyroxine she said its not just about tsh numbers its how you feel.

I wish I had such an understanding GP! He goes religiously by TSH alone. I am due an annual review in 2 weeks time so I'm hoping I have come out of the "normal range" as I feel absolutely rubbish right now and think I need my medication tweeked. I am a very positive person though and I have always said that my health conditions don't control me, I control them! I work, I run a small business and I keep on going despite the pain, the tiredness.... Nice to speak to you!

Yes keep positive you should be very proud running your own business! It is very difficult to keep going sometimes, but it is worth it.

Shame that doctor retired, but there are some good ones about.

I don't want anyone to think I am blind to the inadequacies of the NHS as I have hypothyroidism, lymphoedema and fibromyalgia, all inadequately treated in my opinion and I often have to shout loudly to be heard by my GP as he is completely ignorant. I just happen to believe that with health screening, the NHS have got it right.

I'd read up on their dangers/benefits for younger (or any) women before going.

Mammograms - come on guys - having your boobs squashed (40 pounds pressure on each one) and pumped full of radiation (1,000 times the amount in a chest xray). It doesn't check your armpits (which are also part of your breast) there are false negatives and false positives. It is one of many totally unreliable medical tests. I am 64 years old, diagnosed with Hashimotos at the age of 27 - and have never had a mammogram. I totally refuse to have them. Watchful awareness is a much better approach and if you find anything which could be cancer go for a thermogram. An ounce of prevention etc. etc. therefore; don't where underwired bras - get your bra off as much as possible, keep your weight at a sensible level (if at all possible seeing as you have a thyroid problem and doctors are no help), exercise sensibly, eat sensibly, don't smoke, don't drink to excess and stay happy.

Hi good program on bbc2 12th august about unnecessary tests including mammogram. Mammograms are mentioned about half way through. Have to say I have reconsidered. Also checked family history and this sort of cancer not prevalent in my family. Thanks to all.

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