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Armour tablets

Hi all, have been on armour for two weeks now and going ok but as I am switching from Levo gradually I have to cut each armour tablet in half. They crumble all over the place and I am using a proper pill cutter. Does anyone else have this problem? Is there any way to overcome it? I am sure that some days I take more than half and other days less than half. Thanks

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Jlo, if there is a score line on the tablet, line it up with the line on the pillcutter and press the lid down slowly and gently. I don't think it is critical that 'halves' are a little uneven.


Thanks Clutter, unfortunately there is no score line. As soon as I cut (fast or slow) it just crumbles and disintegrates!


Jlo, crush the broken bits and divide them into two heaps and use a damp pinkie to take a dose.

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Have to say I dropped my levo for 2 weeks before starting Armour simply because its T4 alone and stays in your system for up to 7 weeks. I do have the same problem with the tablets crumbling too.


Yes the same happens with me, I cut it and mop up about half in crumbs with my finger and then nibble the good half until I get about the right amount!


I was told that you can not cut them in half because they are time released. I take a 90 and a 15 every day now. I was just raised and hope this helps me.


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