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I realise this may be a bonkers question, but does anyone avoid weetabix (or other fortified cereals) for breakfast due to the added iron? I've had it every day this week (about 45 mins after levo) and been feeling a bit off kilter - could just be the hot weather! - and it just occurred to me to ask. I think there's only about 30% of your RDA in 2 weetabix so I'm hoping it's unlikely as I really like it!



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Emma, Stop eating Weetabix for a couple of weeks then reintroduce it and see whether you have any problems. If you do, you may have wheat or gluten sensitivity and should stop eating it.


No. I haven't eaten cereals for about 30 years. First of all because they always gave me indigestion, and later because I found out I was gluten intolerant. Most grains contain phytates which tend to block mineral absorption anyway. I'd try not eating grains at all and see if you feel better. The things you crave are often the ones you should avoid.

Steak and eggs, that's a breakfast.


Well I don't know, I always have weetabix for breakfast, and haven't noticed any major problems. I do have fruit with it too. The recent hot weather has made me feel a bit lightheaded from time to time. I have increased the amount of water I drink, as I think sometimes we can get dehydrated without realising. Will be interested to hear what happens if you don't eat it for a week. MariLiz


Thanks for the comments all. I've not had it for 3 days and do feel a bit brighter, but it's also cooler so better sleep, and had a nice relaxing weekend. Not much science there!


I have eaten Wheatabix most days for the last umpteen years. It seems that I was starting my day with a healthy bowl of poison. I just found out that as well as being hypo that I have Coeliac. I immediately started to have better energy as soon as I switched my choice of breakfast :)


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