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Recently diagnosed

Hi there, was diagnosed about 6 weeks ago, having felt lousy for about 12 months. Ignored how I felt for ages but then it got so bad I went to docs. On lowest level of medication but after 4 weeks has made little difference so back for more blood tests.

symptoms are awful and so signed off work which I hate. They include:


severe pain in lower legs and shoulder

Terrible memory and concentration

Sleep issues

Feel icy cold.

Any ideas what I can do to help myself, this forum is great as I thought I was going mad with my weird symptoms!

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I don't have any advice for you as I was only diagnosed last year and tbh Im struggling as well at the moment but I was put on 25mg initially and didn't do anything so they doubled it and it helped. The nurse I was speaking with recently (and the GP I spoke to when they increased my meds) said that it's not all about the results with thyroid that they need to take symptoms into account as well as everyone is different so fingers crossed they change your meds to help you.

It's weird - I never thought being cold would be part of it until recently - Im ALWAYS freezing :)


Thanks Mandy, are you able to cope with being at work?



Yes & no - I work for myself and work from home so at the moment Im having to go for a 2hr nap most days and then my hubby helps me out with some work in the evenings so I can juggle things around but if I was working 9-5 in an office I honestly feel I would have to be signed off at the moment - some days I don't feel safe to drive, and look at me the wrong way and I burst into tears! When are you getting your bloods re-tested? If it's not making any difference can you have a phone chat with your GP and ask about increasing the meds - that's what I did?


Blood tests are later today and seeing doctor at end of week, I know just what you mean bursting into tears and have done it once already today.

Thanks for your help


I have been fighting to get treatment for 7 years and was eventually given 25mg levo with little benefit ( tsh went from 4.9 to 8.4 in 4 weeks. I then saw a private endo who upped my levo to 50 with a prediction (based on height and weight) to get to 125. He is writing to my doctor to tell her how to treat me and to ask for my cortisol to be tested. Mandy you are lucky if your doc is willing to take symptoms into account as mine only looks at blood results and wanted me to be at tsh10 before treating me, I would have been dead I think.


He also told me to increase vit d


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