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TV Programme - Participants Wanted

Tigress Productions are producing a new eight part series for a terrestrial broadcaster and are looking for people to take part.

They are looking for people who have a mystery illness or condition that’s proving impossible to diagnose. If we could get thyroid disease mentioned in this programme it may well move the campaign for better diagnosis and treatment forward!

This is what they are looking for:

Do you have a mystery illness or medical condition that’s proving impossible to diagnose?

Have you tried a long series of medical treatments and finally been cured?

Tigress Productions would like to speak to people with medical mystery experiences for a new TV documentary series.

Please call 0117 933 5654/ 0117 933 5609 or email for more information.

6 Replies

Spoke to Hollie at Tigress...she said any thyroid story would be a supporting element to the programme as it doesn't involve a big gory operation!


Hi Berlidders,

I'm not sure what she means. Could you clarify for me please? :-)


She means that if they chose to run a story on an under-active thyroid issue it would only be a side story as its not that sensational. They want the main stories to be ones that contain a major operation of some kind.


What about people who have their whole thyroid gland removed and left to 'get on without it'. Lives ruined.


Really?!!! I'm so cross - that's not what she told me on the phone!


Maybe the criteria changed? Let's hope so x


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