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Pregnancy and undetected thyroid?

Hi, I recently posted about my thyroid detection in my pregnancy. I read on internet that baby entirely depends on mom thyroid in first trimester. The sad part is we could only detect that I had hypothyroid post 13 weeks. We are little concerned about baby's brain development etc. is there anyone on this forum who have been in the same boat ? How was their experience? Where there any issues with the baby at all? Do you know if this fact is just a small risk or happens often with people?

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Hello Daulatabad,

Congratulations of your wonderful news and sorry to hear about your hypothyroidism.

I am no expert and have no experience of this but would suggest that your thyroid condition can not be too severe if you hadn't even felt symptoms so baby has probably been able to take sufficient thyroid hormone.

It is true that a baby depends on a mothers thyroid hormones for the first trimester and a lack of it can encourage miscarriage.

This has not happened to you which I think would indicate that baby has had enough thyroid hormone and your thyroid problem is only evident now because baby has taken such a good share.

It is very important to take your medication for foetal development. Did you know many mothers thyroid levels return to normal post pregnancy?

Try not worry as your wonderful news should be celebrated and enjoyed.

Keep well.



Hi It is known now that i was very hypo for both pregnancy. I had 2 children who used to belong to MENSA when younger. So try not to worry.

Best wishes,



Hi.. Don't panic! It was discovered with me at 12 weeks and I was eventually treated at 16 weeks, my daughter was born with no problems, she is three now :) they told me the hypothyroidism would disappear after I had her but it didn't unfortunately:(

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Thanks so much for your replies! I am glad I found this wonderful forum. God bless you all:)


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