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Anyone with a relative with CLL or SLL?

Bit of a dark question. Those of us with Hashi's - or "borderline Hashi's" as my GP likes to call it - have chronic lymphocytic thyroditis, right? And there is an association, not huge, with non-Hodgkins lymphoma. My brother has chronic lymphocytic leukaemia. Both of our ailments are probably genetic, and I would think an autosomal dominant gene. My aunt also has CLL (or SLL, the World Health Org says these are the same disease.) CLL is also associated with non Hodgkins. Women dominate Hashi's, and I think men dominate CLL.

Maybe there will be few answers, because in the UK CLL is picked up very late. It is found much earlier in the USA because of private medical annual screenings. I can't find a study which has looked for an association, and it could be disguised by the male/female ratios in these diseases. But.... anyone got a relative with CLL?

I don't think that my situation is likely to be a coincidence.

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Yes! There does appear to be an association. My nan was hypothyroid and developed CLL in her 80s. And my mother in law is hypothyroid and has developed CLL. She's also been diagnosed with Crohns, while my grandmother was told she had ulcerative collitis. Both also had their gall ladders removed in their 50s. The similarities are astonishing really.

I don't think either of them have ever thought their other ailments had anything to do with thyroid function. But I think they do!


Thank you so much Jazzw. I will try to gather strength to ask the same question on the CLL website - the other way round of course.....

I think there must be a link.


Also, I have just been reading about the effects of the Chernobyl fallout, and both CLL and Hashis are raised as a result of nuclear accidents of this kind.

Which could make sense for my family, since my brother and I were both exposed to the risks of the fallout from the serious nuclear incident at Windscale in 1957,


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