Hi, I am thirteen and I was born without a thyroid. At all. Zero amount of the gland. I was on synthroid until I was 10 and then was put on Levothyroxine, and currently on 125 mg. My parents are divorced and I go back and forth from their houses quite often, and forget to take it most days. I know it makes me tired and I just want to lay around all day and I don't as good as a metabolism, but what other affects does not taking my medicine have on my health?

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I think it's very important you take your medication regularly, especially because you are so young, and discuss this with your parents and doctor. Lack of thyroid hormone can affect your brain development, growth, cholesterol levels, liver function... Basically everything in your body. If you have been forgetting to take your levothyroxine for a while, you should let your parents and doctor know. If you suddenly start to take it regularly again, they may have to test your levels and adjust your dose.

Thank you so much!

Welcome to the forum, Bridings. Forgetting to take Levothyroxine occasionally won't cause any problems but if you're only taking it half as often as you should be you are building up future health problems, brain, heart, liver and kidneys and will start to gain weight which will be very difficult to shift.

Tiredness is common in teenagers as so much is changing in your body and brain but not taking Levothyroxine will make it worse.

Perhaps you could leave some Levothyroxine at each of your parent's houses and set an alarm on your phone to remind you take it regularly.

Thank you so much for the advise! Also, say I haven't taken it as much should I go get my labs done soon or wait until my next appointment with my doctor?

Bridings, what dose are you supposed to take and when did you last take it?

I am taking 125 mg and Tuesday.

Bridings, that's fine, you've only skipped 3 days so take your 125mcg today and take it regularly from now on :)

Thank you so much! I am so glad there is a forum where if I would have any questions someone could help me! you are a great help, thanks again :)

You're very welcome, Bridings. I hope we'll see you again :)

There was a proper double blind study done some time ago and it found that patients who took a weeks worth of levothyroxine in one go, once a week didn't do too badly.... I will post a link to the study when I can find it.

It might be worth you checking with your doctor, and showing him the study, but if you miss a dose or two, you might be alright taking them all together. Would be better than missing them out.

Xx. G



Thank you so much! I will make sure to show him at my next appointment.

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