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Hypo and breastfeeding


I wanted to ask if anyone who has hypothyroidism and Pernicious Anaemia breastfed and whether everything was ok for them and the baby?

I have a 13 week old baby and have been exclusively breastfeeding. My baby was showing signs of discomfort and colic like symptoms which became increasingly frequent and has since been diagnosed with Gastro-reflux.

He's been prescribed Gaviscon.

I know this condition is very common amongst babies, but because I suffer from constipation, and find it difficult to digest certain foods, I wanted to ask if anyone may have any experiences or advice to share - foods that I can avoid to help my baby or foods I can eat...?

thank you

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My understanding is it takes a few months for the baby's microbiome to mature so that absorption of even breastmilk becomes 'no problem'.

I don't understand why giving Gaviscon is a good idea.

When my kids were having colic, I used to make them a 'tea': start with 3.5 ounces because it boils off: 3 ounces of water, boiled with 20 anise seeds and 6 caraway seeds plus 1 teaspoon of dextrose. That got them to fart and go to sleep.

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Thanks for your reply. I was giving something similar, dill seed 'tea' as I didn't want to give gripe water - which is made from dill seed oil. I'm not sure if it helped or not, as it's reflux and not colic. It was when he started to reject the breast milk, I took him to the doctors.

I will try anise seed or maybe fennel as I have fennel seeds at home (which I eat everyday).

I am sure once my son can sit, things will improve..I hope!

How old were your children when you gave them the 'tea'?


When you breastfeed, don't hold him horizontal. Hold him at about 45 degree angle upwards. Then don't hold him against your shoulder to burp him. It's swallowing air that causes a lot of problems.

I don't know how much instruction you've had for breastfeeding. I didn't. But since then (and I'm way past menopause now) I learned that babies need to be kept on the same breast until it's totally emptied of the high fat milk which is the last milk. Even if it means to hold them for several minutes, put them back on the same breast to finish it off. Otherwise, putting them onto the other breast means too much volume, not enough fat and regurgitation.


I have been feeding him at an angle since he was 2 weeks old. I was advised to alternate! I had read about the full fat milk but I was advised to alternate sides! How would you know when you're empty?


Baby should be feeding from one breast for quite some time. When you 'finish' with one breast and baby goes quiet and relaxes, when he wakes up or seems to want more, just put him back on the same breast so he can get the rest of the milk out. This is the high fat milk. I realize it is time consuming and getting volume into a baby appears to be the way to go, but I've since learned, it is not. The high fat milk is high calorie and will keep the baby satisfied. The milk that first pours out is high sugar by comparison and does not result in satisfaction.


Thank you so much for the advice, I tried it this evening. I will speak to the counsellor at our local baby cafe and make sure I am doing it correctly. I usually end up feeding for a long time as it is! :)


My daughter's son suffered from reflux, and she never medicated him in any way. I remember that it stopped when after a few months. I would go to mumsnet (I think this is the correct name) and ask other mothers' advice before giving your baby Gaviscon. At least this is the advice I'd give my daughter. I've never heard of the combination of the seeds mentioned. I gave my children the most innocent and well-known tea: camomille. You can even find the organic one. Even if babies don't regurgitate milk, it's suggested to give them a bit of camomile tea as breast milk is food and babies need, especially when it's very hot, some plain water. This is from my own and my daughter's experience.


Thank you for your advice, I was originally giving boiled water as he had neo-natal jaundice. I thought I'd try this forum before Mumsnet.


I didn't mean, of course, tap water.


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