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Newbie - Confused help please

Hello I have recently had my left thyroid gland removed due to benign tumour on it and am confused by my thyroid function tests. Before my operation the tests were taken and the below result was given

T S H - 3.04 ulU/mL

Free T 3 - 4.31 pg/mL

Free T 4 - 21.3 pmol/l

Now I have the operation I am a bit lathargic, hair breaking and failling, have out on weight, nails brittle and I need to sleep. I don't know if this is the effects of the operation but it has been a month now so I feel as though I should be fine now. The results from the thyroid function tests I had last week are

T S H - 4.46 ulU/mL

Free T 3 - 5.70 pg/mL

Free T 4 - 12.38 pmol/l

The doctor that handed me them said they are normal but I am yet to give them to my surgeon.

I am confused by the difference in the numbers and of course I am thinking about the symptoms that I am having.

Any ideas please?

Thank you.

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Welcome to the forum, Emma_Plumb.

Do you have the lab ref ranges (the figures in brackets after your results).

Your levels may be within normal range but your TSH has risen since your partial thyroidectomy and your FT4 plummeted which suggests your remaining thyroid is struggling. Your FT3 has risen because of the extra TSH stimulation but will drop unless your FT4 improves.

Make sure you mention your symptoms to your thyroid surgeon and discuss the difference in results. Hopefully s/he will agree that you need thyroid replacement.


Hi Clutter

Thanks for the reply, the normal ranges are below

T S H - 0.25 - 5.0

Free T 3 - 4.0 - 8.3

Free T4 - 12.00 - 22.00

So I read that as high T S H and low T4, Doc has my results now so let's see what he says.

Thank you


Emma, TSH is just shy of the top of the range and FT4 just above the bottom of range. It depends on how much of a stickler your GP is for the protocols whether or not s/he agrees to prescribe Levothyroxine. You could request a trial.

If not, make sure your next thyroid blood test is in 3-6 months and have it early in the morning, before you have breakfast or anything other than water to drink, as TSH is highest then.


So my Doctor has decided that he is going to put me on a low dose of thyroxine. With the results the way they are and the few symptoms I have then he wants me to take it for a month. What can I expect?


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