Hi everyone, I'm new to thus post, I have recently been diagnosed with hashimotos and adrenal fatigue, I am reluctant to take thyroxine, but g.p won't prescibe armour..surprise surprise! At present I am taking adrenal concentrate from nutri meds but I have read I need to fix adrenals before I can start thyroid meds, how do I know if adrenals are healthy, also please advise where I can buy armour. Thank you, it's good to know others understand. I'm fed up of feeling rubbish, look forward to hearing from you guys.

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  • Hello and welcome,

    How do you know you have 'adrenal fatigue'?

  • Jay, I ent to see dr peatfield and he done some simple tests which confirmed what I thought already from symptoms, he said I need to address adrenals before I take thyroid meds

  • Sorry lots of typos, thanks for the reply

  • It is sad that some do not understand the way the endocrine system works.

    I had adrenal fatigue and was treated which made a difference to my wellbeing. Lots to learn, but this condition does exist apart from Addisons, and is recognised by the World health Organisation. We are all learning.

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  • Well what's it called then, when the adrenals can't work optimally?

    G x

  • Adrenal insufficiency, low adrenal reserve, or adrenal fatigue , all means the same...adrenals are struggling. Saliva tests show very little cortisol. Many symptoms overlap hypothyroidism since they both work together, any advice on treating both conditions would be much appreciated.

  • mrschips,

    The adrenal glands are very responsive to changes in your physical, emotional, and psychological enviroment. Too much and the stress can deplete adrenals causing a decrease in adrenal hormones and in particular cortisol.

    The extreme low end of the spectrum is medically named Addison's disease which can be life theatening and involve structural and physiological long term damage to the adrenals. Any other result that is not quite so low (but could easily be boarder line) is not recognised by conventional medicine but obviously still exists and could involve the same symptoms all but it to a lesser degree.

    Adrenal fatigue is very real and suffered by many with long term thyroid issues. I support the school of thought that adrenals should be treated either before or along side thyroid treatments.


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  • So I guess dr.barry peat field..specialist in metabolic health and dr.james Wilson...author of 'adrenal fatigue' are both wrong!!

  • Well, after an abnormal short synachthen test and lots of "almost" Addisons symptoms (but not consistently low enough for NHS to treat). I can say that treating adrenals has helped me a lot. Horses for courses.

  • have you done a saliva adrenal stress test to assess how bad it is?

  • maro,

    Welcome to our forum and sorry to hear you are not well.

    The adenal glands produce hormone cortisol and this can be measured by completing a saliva test of four samples taken over the course of the day.

    This gives you an accurate record of your available cortisol over a 24hour period and is recommended by functional practitioners.

    The link below gives details of private companies who test.

    Sorry but I can not comment on armour as don't use it myself. You may need to repost in a new question for members to answer.



  • Thank you flower 007 it's nice to know others are willing to help, I'll keep looking through posts to find out re arm our. Thanks again. Maro

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    Adrenal insufficiency is Addisons <Comment deleted by Admin>

  • Addison's is primary adrenal insufficiency.


    I think you will find that the term Addison's is usually restricted to cases in which a high-dose synacthen test does not evoke sufficient cortisol response. Producing barely sufficient cortisol to "fail" the synacthen test, however, is not proof that the adrenal glands are fully functioning.

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  • mrschips,

    Of course we are all entitled to our own opinions and differing

    views can make for interesting discussions.

    Can I ask why you take this line of thought?

    If Addisons is one end of the spectrum and Cushings at the other,do you not see there has to be a middle range and perhaps someone who is low and borderline and suffering debilitating symptoms could be diagnosed with adrenal fatigue.


  • mrschips,

    I trust you don't suffer from adrenal fatigue & hope you never do as it can make someone seriously unwell & interfere with thyroid meds working properly.


  • Or rubbish Thyroid meds can make Adrenal Glands suffer too Flower. Feel much better back on adrenal glandulars again after stopping them to do Adrenal Cortisol Saliva Test, which half-way through stopping put me in A & E a few weeks ago.

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