Statins and Cancer

Dr. Kendrick's take on newspaper headlines on statins and cancer:

Almost a year ago the Daily Express wrote that statins could cut breast cancer risk. Two weeks later the Sunday Express claimed statins could double breast cancer risk. It obviously doesn't matter what statins do as long as they sell newspapers!

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  • Nor, for that matter, does it seem to matter which statins, they are all the same to the Express group...

  • Helvella, Yeah, even I know there's 2 types, branded and generic ;)

  • Methinks there is a 'statin mountain' out there somewhere that someone is trying desperately to get rid of - wonder what they will find statins can cure next?

  • I'm guessing here, but my prediction is the common cold, heroin addiction, biting one's fingernails, and piles.

  • HB, there'd be a huge avid market if statins aided weightloss and prevented hairloss. 'Course something that hasn't been double blind RCT'd will never be prescribed...oh wait, that hasn't happened with statins and cancer reduction either!

    I suspect Dr.K's inbox was overwhelmed with emails from his loyal followers.

  • My husband (jokingly) claimed today that taking statins makes people more attractive to the opposite sex.

  • HB, I can just see the Daily Fail headline "Statins make divorce rate soar!"

  • On a more serious note, I loved the blog post Dr Kendrick made today - I was impressed by how quickly he got it written, and delighted that I understood it all.

  • Yes i am thinking on the same lines as you.They have got to get rid of them somehow.

  • They will claim anything just to sell this poison !

  • Just wondering if peeps might be able to ease up a bit on the anti statin posts and "poison" comments, some people have to take them so its a bit unsettling to be seeing this on a daily basis as appears at the moment.

    I know we don't have to read the posts but the titles are there for all to see, no backlash please :)

  • Hypohen, My title is quite simple and neither advocates nor demonises statins.

    Member responses are not in your face. You choose to read them or not. Members are entitled to express their opinions.

  • Wasn't referring specifically to yours Clutter :)

    Hope you are well at the mo.

  • Hypohen, feel ok thanks. Should be doing more to improve fitness but tomorrow never seems to come.

    How are you doing now? Parathyroids behaving or did they take them all?

  • Doing ok thanks Clutter, whatever para I have left seems to be working for now.

    Have you tried Pilate's ? I started it 6 months ago and the results have been positive, gentle workout that sorts out everything :)

    Take care x

  • Hypohen, glad the parathyoid is sorted. I haven't tried Pilates but I like the idea of stretching and toning rather than gym type exertions.

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