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Bee prepared anyone

Hi I've got a cold which I cant seem too shift at all so I'm thinking about trying bee prepared daily defence anyone tried it? They contain BEE PROPOLIS EXTRACT (5:1) 5% Flavonoids 125mg

ELDERBERRY EXTRACT (12:1) 4.5% Rutin 100mg

OLIVE LEAF EXTRACT (8:1) 15% Oleuropein 50mg

BETA 1,3/1,6 GLUCANS 25mg

Can anyone see a reason I couldn't take them with levo? Thanks

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Hi Nettiboo - I've been taking propolis for a long time now (it was recommended by a friend who has the same ME/CFS diagnosis that I have). I used to always seem to have a cold or flu, but I've hardly had a sniffle since I started taking it. Having said that, I'm currently recovering from a nasty sinus infection - but that's the first bad problem I've had like that since I've been taking it.

I don't know if it's OK to take with levo though. I'm on NDT and never really thought about there being a problem with this.


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