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Best time to stop meds before bloods?

Hi, I'm on NDT at the moment having been t3 only. Def v hypo despite being on 5 grains now and am having private full blood, mainly because I want to see if I do indeed have rt3 problems and needed a t3 to compare it to, as seems pointless just having rt3. So big bucks for much I don't need as GP has tested. I take 3 grains in a ct3 dose before waking and the other two at 11am. My blood draw is 11am on Tuesday, what's the best time to take my last NDT please?

Thanks as ever.

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I would say your last dose at 11 am on Monday. That give you 24 hours. Which is correct for any form of T4.


Thanks grey goose that's great




i would be sure to leave at least 24 hours from kast dose of NDT

however i would have thought you were better generally to take 3 grains on waking and the other 2 around 4pm


Thanks, that was a very old post though and I'm back on t3 only now.


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