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Thyroxine for raised antibodies – what dosage and might it lead to too much T4 and T3 when both are currently in range?

I have posted a number of times here and am glad to say I am finally seeing an endo this coming week. As I mentioned I have Euthyroid Hashimotos, so raised anti-bodies but everything else is still in range. I have lots of symptoms particularly brain fog and depression and so want to trial something. Having read most of the internet these last weeks my head is so full I am now at a loss to answer the following simple question: Given my T4 and T3 are just in range, is there a risk that taking thyroxine might raise them unnecessarily? I guess the answer is gonna be all about ranges and what is right for one person and not another.

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You need to post recent thyroid hormone test results complete with ranges (numbers in brackets) for members to comment.

If you are borderline or subclinical with symptoms, your doctor may give you a trial of Levothyroxine.

You can try lowering your hashimoto antibodies by reducing inflammation. Many find a gluten free diet helps and a generally good life style. You need to repair any gut issues and supplement vitamin deficiencies.



By 'just in range', I imagine that you mean right at the bottom of the range. That is too low to feel well, so raising them to the top of the range, would be a good thing. Most people need their T3 at the top of the range - or even slightly over - to feel well. :)

'Euthyroid' is actually a matter of opinion, not fact. And 'in range' means little. The ranges are unreasonable, and only meant to be a guide, not set in stone. If you Don't feel euthyroid, then you aren't euthyroid. Symptoms are more important than ranges.


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