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Please help

Recently diagnosed sub clinical hypothyroidism th 6.8 Dr advised treatment as I had been a bit symptomatic past yr...lethargic,lack of libido, hair loss,weight gain....started on 25 mcg levy. ...2 weeks later admitted to hospital .... Thought to be allergic reaction to levy so advised to stop taking immediately and see Dr in 4 weeks.....within a week I was so poorly with several symptoms of hypothyroidism Dr looked at tests taken whilst in hospital it showed that despite being on 25 mcg of levy for 2 weeks my tsh had risen to 9.9. Dr said logically it all indicated I needed levy and more of it so started on 50 mcg different brand than before to eliminate the reaction. ...Also suggested I may have be checked at next bloods which frustratingly can only be done every 12 weeks or lab will reject them...well I am feeling dreadful. ..5 weeks on now and I feel worse than before I was diagnosed and started treatment.....weight gain of 16 energy. ...and the worst thing I ache from had to toe like I have flu every single day. .....Dr emailed an endocrinologist who just said I would have to be patient as could take 6 months for medication to work and to check my vit D which I'm awaiting the results of. .....I'm so tempted to stop the levy as I can't help but feel this is to blame? ??? I'm 41a single mother I run a small business and have a 15 yr old aspergers son....I need to get strong. ...I'm feeling at my lowest eb :(

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Even 50mcg is a low dose and you may well need more.But some folk on this site cannot take T4 and just take T3 and you may be another. I am sorry to say there is no quick fix.Most blood tests are 6 weekly so you are in a poor provision area and may need to go private .TSH is not enough .You need to have FT4 and FT3 checked and vits especially D3 and B12 .


Thank you treepie Yes I'm in Somerset. sister is just up the road and had every 6 week bloods done. It's annoying.

My t3 and t4 were tested by gp and apparently within normal......However the endo that replied to my Dr advised retesting tsh in June but NOT t3 and t4 Any idea why?

I asked gp to see about my going private with endocrinologist. ...But the response from the endo said if I was seen in clinic I would be advised to wait 6 months. ....I'm so frustrated I can't even pay for treatment......and have to wait until 21 June before me Levels can be checked.


They are wrongly,maybe for cost reasons, focused only on TSH once the initial tests have been carried out. You should get your results with the ranges shown in brackets and post them for smarter folk than me to comment.Some have been living with this frustration for many years ,only one year for me.

Normal just means within the range which is a statistical construct based on the normal curve which contains 97.5% of the population tested which may well not be a random group!

Funny that my D3 was below the min range but Ok because it is expected in winter! Not that I needed to supplement, oh no ,all supplements interfere with absorption. That why we take them hours apart ,doh!


It is enough to drive you crazy isn't it. ...makes you wonder if these people would change things if they experienced what we do


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