Fed up


Have UAT the last week have been suffering from bouts of crying for no reason been put on beta blockers and diazepan !

I think I have a lot going on but the thing that is worry me the most is looking after me sons dog which I have done many times before no problem.

Dog is fine but in head can't get it he's ok.

Take levo75mg and Vitamin D tablets daily.

Feeling so down and alone and just want advise and help please as hate feeling like this

Thanks Bev

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  • Hello Bev 151,

    Sorry to hear you feel so unwell.

    Your previous posts indicate you have been thyroid hormone medicated for about 5 months. Thyroid disorders alter our metabolism and can affect our behaviour and moods if the dosing isn't quite correct.

    Sometimes small dosage adjustments are required as being wrongly medicated could give you hypertension, heart problems and feelings of anxiety.

    I suggest you ask your doctor to blood test your thyroid hormones, along with Vit B12, Vit D, folate and ferritin. Deficiencies in these are prevalent amongst people with thyroid issues. Post results together with ranges ( numbers in brackets) for members to comment.

    Bev151, many of us have felt like you before and it is important to try and stay strong. Think positively about your sons dog as it is lovely weather now and maybe you could have some nice walks together.

    What is UAT?

    Hope you feel better soon,


  • Some people say UAT for underactive thyroid. It always flummoxes me for a moment too :)

  • Yes, to me it means "User Acceptance Testing".

  • Sorry off topic here. Can I get blood tests done with Red Apple without gp referral letter. Thankyou.

  • If you are referring to what used to be known as Red Apple Clinic or something like that, I have no connection to them... and I don't think they exist any more anyway. Not in the UK at least :)

    Private testing through the companies on TUK website do not require any GP referrals. Anyone can pay the money and get the tests done.


  • Sorry. The clinic was in Newport, which is under an hour away from where I live. When I saw redapple I thought there was a connection. I'm a member of TUK so will look again, but I don't think there was a phlebotomy service close to Wales. Thanks

  • I think there is one in Cardiff through Blue Horizon

  • Thankyou. Someone pointed me in the direction of Blue Horizon. It's the Spire Hospital in Cardiff.

  • Agree with RedApple, hence I produced my Abbreviations & Acronyms document:


  • It sounds as though you may not be on the right dose of thyroid medication. Please post your most recent thyroid test result here for us to get a better idea of your situation.

    Both beta blockers and diazepam can have an untoward effect on your thyroid hormone levels. Did your GP take this into account when he prescribed these for you?

  • That's certainly worth thinking about. When I went to Cardiology, the specialist there said that he wouldn't give me beta blockers for palpitations (unless I screamed and shouted and stamped my feet) as they would make me feel worse. Many years ago I had diazepam for low mood and they made me feel horrendous (much, much more depressed)

  • No my thyroid level was 3.87 and they wouldn't give me vitamin d result

    Just said I needed to start supplement then Levi upped at a later date just feel stupid crying all the time and not knowing why xxx

  • Bev, he has no right to withhold your results. It is your legal right to have them. Ask for a print-out, either from the doctor or the receptionist. Don't take no for an answer, it's not an option.

  • Bev_151,

    Don't feel stupid crying all the time. Most of us have had dark periods in our lives when we are not sure why.

    If 3.87 is your TSH level, it sounds high for a person medicated on Levothyroxine. Most people function better on a TSH of 1.0 or even lower.

    Doctors don't always understand how to interpret thyroid hormone test results and so work within strict guidelines that may result in not be quite the right treatment for you.

    An undermedicated thyroid can have strong pyschological affects and also cause weight gain, arrhythmia, anxiety and changes in personality as hormones control how we think , eat, sleep, and behave, (think of PMT and how moody we can be when tired or hungry).

    Please ask your doctor to blood test your thyroid hormones and post results Bev_151,

    Thinking of you,


  • hello Bev

  • Hello Bev. How long have you been on diazepam. I am concerned for you as I have been taking them for 10 years. After a short time they can become addictive and then you can build a 'tolerance' which means you need more to feel stable. They do not solve a thyroid problem, and I have read they can disrupt the hormone . I don't know your personal circumstances, but I had a supposed virus, had rapid heartbeat, feelings of breathlessness and felt a kind of rushing through my head. I came out of hospital with an anxiety diagnosis and a prescription for diazepam. I am now weaning slowly from them, it is very hard. Diazepam is for short use and your doc should be helping you. I am not a proffesional. Don't stop your meds without seeing your doctor. Good luck. This site is very good, and everyone will support you.

  • Hi I'm only on 4mg as when needed

    I have spent most of today bursting into tears and really don't know why!

    I have been chilling but feel so anxious and tight chested it's unreal .

    I have never suffered like this in my life so I hope it hoes away doon

  • Hi Bev. Just a warning that these drugs are very strong, although you may think 4mg not much. It is so easy to get addicted especially if they seem to help. Unfortunately they can become quite the opposite and will confuse matters for your thyroid. There are a few people who can get away with using them, then stop abruptly, no one seems to know why. Most have to wean from them slowly. I have lived to regret using them. I think my thyroid and approaching menopause was the real problem, and now I am confused as the tolerance to the diazepam could be causing the same symptoms, ie anxiety, tight chest. Also like you my TSH seems to be a bit high and I am not able to increase levo...another mystery.

  • Sorry you are feeling wretched. It's horrible when things are happening and seemingly out of our control. Beta blockers usually mean you need to increase your dose as it affects absorption. Had you any symptoms of your heart racing when you aren't in the doctors surgery? You may have just presented symptoms because you were worried. That happened to me, I get white coat syndrome and my GP wouldn't let me stop them. I found I was feeling faint when I got out of bed and saw another doctor who told me to stop as blood pressure very low so be awRe of that. (Stop-but weaned off them gradually)

    Are you aware how to take your thyroxine? On an empty stomach with a full glass of water and no food for an hour after, 2 hours away from any other medication and 4 hours away from calcium. if not then you will not be getting the full effect of the medication. Please post your latest results with the ranges-ranges are important as they differ from lab to lab and we shall be able to comment more accurately. From what you say though you are most likely undermedicated. If your doctor does increase your dose you need to be retested after 6 weeks as this is the length of time to get the full effect of the increase and for the same reason you won't feel an improvement straight away.

    You are entitled to have your Vit D results. They take longer to come back than the bloods so ask again. If the receptionist and GP still refuse ask the Practice Manager to intervene.

    Hope you soon start to get more help and feel better. Rest as much as you can and try not to worry, we are all here to help you.

  • I'm really struggling today feel everything I say do is wrong

    Have my sons dog who I've had many times before but so anxious about everything he is fine and happy but why do k feel like this it's stupid and still bursting into tears

    I am hating this feeling in my tummy just comes and goes

  • Bev the thyroid is important to every cell in your body. Some parts need more T3-the active part than other parts and the thyroid gland has the job of supplying what we need. sometimes it goes wrong and so our body can't function as well as it should and that can affect us in many different ways. Try to imagine how you would cope if you have your dominate arm tied behind your back. Something's wouldn't bother you at all, you could sit and watch tv but you couldn't write a letter but you could perhaps write a few badly formed words with your other hand. That is a bit like having a problem with your thyroid gland. Something's still work ok, others you may struggle with and other things are impossible but we are all different so imagine now tying your ankles together and now you are limited in other ways so in a way your thyroid is causing problems specifically to you and so it makes you feel you are alone, don't know where to turn and it doesn't feel right. When you get the correct medication taken in the correct way you should start to feel better but it's not an instant fix, it does take time to turn yourself round completely. You have probably read on here that when you change your dose you need to retest after 6 weeks. That's because each dose change takes that amount of time to show whT it is doing in your body, you can't speed it up. The recommended increase is by 25 mcg which doesn't feel much but it takes time again for your body to get used to more of the drug and too much could make you poorly in other ways. Start a diary of what dose you are on and how you are feeling. May a note of how your appetite is, any food craving, anything that you do that's different as that could a be useful at aster day. When you feel up to it read a little about what it means to have a thyroid proem and whatever you don't understand then ask. Don't forget to take your tablets and don't panic. Easier said than done, I know but you are only putting back into your body what it isn't able to do for itself but to get we we have to work out how much that will be and then you body needs to heal. Hopefully you will start to feel better soon but in the mean time don't try to do too much. You need to build up some reserves as well. Many times we feel we are doing very well but then seem to slip back. I think that's pretty normal because as we start to improve we start doing more and that depletes the store a little. Be kind to yourself and remember it's lite baby steps at a time. There is light at the end of the tunnel, it just seems to take ages to get there but you will. Shout out if you waiver and in sure someone will come along with suggestions and loads of encouragement. Take care

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