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Well guys , got my antibodies results back and guess what they are normal ( arghhhh) I didn't ask what the levels were (doh) as i was so angry at the response of @ tell patient no action required " by my gp as I'm some machine that doesn't need oiling . God I could cry I'm so fed up . What will it take to get my go to take me serious ?? I'm actually thinking of getting the mess of the Internet . Any advice welcomed 😞😞😞

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I should ask for your results and ranges and repost with them. I'm not suggesting your GP Is right or wrong but you are upset and he's giving a vague reply so time to look at the facts and take it from there.


Hello Carol-g,

You sound frustrated probably because you feel so ill and are searching for an answer. However, we must assume your antibody result was within range for the doctor to tell you it is normal and this is very good news because having Hashimotos Thyroiditis is horrid and a further complication to thyroid issues.

As other members have advised it is hard to comment on your thyroid hormone results without the ranges (numbers in brackets).

Therefore your first step should be to obtain these and post as a new question.

You have a right to see your medical records under the Data Protection Act 1998. Guidance on The Data Protection Act 1998 can be found at: ico.org.uk/for-the-public/p...

Carol-g, it is possible to feel utterly dreadful from lack of (or too many) thyroid hormones and still record as a " doctors normal" as they work within strict guidelines and often don't know how to interpret the results anyway. There is every chance you are "boarder line" or " Subclinical".

When we are ill and in need of support and guidance, it is hard to be assertive but you may need to be persistent and shout to make yourself heard.

Most if us have been there already so understand and can give you that support and guidence.

Good luck and hope you feel better soon



Hello Carol. From what you say it sounds like it's your GP that has decided the test results are normal? Like others have said you need the actual figures not just they are normal! Believe me, not on the subject of thyroid but I have had an occasion where my GP said my results were normal and he was wrong! I was lucky, I had an appointment the next day to see a specialist, who confirmed as I thought that the results were anything but normal. It was a dexamethasone suppression test that I had done to check for Cushing's Syndrome. Yes, the figure was exactly in the "normal" range in fact couldn't have been more "normal". The only thing was that whereas mine was 465 if I hadn't got Cushing's Syndrome it should have been less than 70! This meant for sure that I had Cushing's Syndrome due to a tumour on my adrenal gland. What was supposed to happen was taking the dexamethasone the night before it should have stopped my adrenal gland producing cortisol when in fact it didn't thereby giving the figure as the normal range. When I told my GP afterwards he admitted that he wasn't well up on things like Cushing's Syndrome as it's very rare.


Call your doctor's office and ask for a printed copy of the results. In the case of the TPO test, Kent Holtorf recommends that you take action if the antibodies test is over 9. Many labs have a "normal" range up to something like 20 - this is not right. It is possible to have a result of zero if you are very careful about your diet and have not been exposed to a lot of persistent environmental pollutants.


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