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Gluten test kit

Hi , it's been a while since I posted anything .

I was just wondering if anyone here has ever tried the biocard gluten sensitivity test kit . I was thinking of ordering one on- line , but wondered if they were reliable .

Has anyone tried going gluten free and if so did it help .

I have hashimotos and was thinking of going gluten free again , I tried it before but found it quite hard to stick to so only managed a couple of weeks .

I'lll be grateful for any replies ,

Thanks. Sandra.

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Have you had a test for celiac - or is biocard a celiac test? Celiac and gluten sensitivity are two different things. It would definitely be worth doing a celiac test.

Do you have any gut symptoms like bloating?

Going off gluten solved brain fog for me, but I do have severe gut symptoms from the stuff. There are previous discussions on this subject on this forum, some people do find it helps and even reduces antibodies.

I agree it is restrictive and difficult to do - I only manage it because I react so strongly if I eat it.


I seen a doctor yesterday she's arranged for me to have a blood test to check for Celiac next week .

I don't have any bloating but constipation , mostly things like brain fog , lethargy , sinusitis , sore knees , allergies .

Thanks aspmama


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