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Optimum Ferritin & Folate levels

I recently had some more blood tests done to try and get my thyroid issue diagnosed as I suspect i am hypo (which again was a hashtag fail!) and because I fall into the good old normal ranges, the Dr that I saw didn't think I had that much of an issue with my ferritin and folate levels that eating a healthy diet wouldn't resolve!

However, I have just done some more reading/research and my ferritin level is just 26 (range is 10 - 420) and my folate level is 5.9 (range is 2.6 - 17.3) What are the optimum levels?

Best supplements to take?

I am peri menopausal, aged 46 with long cycles now (was always regular) and no way of telling when I will have a period next or ever again! I have had 1 period this year after about 130 odd days which when it came was like a flood and I was a bit concerned that I wasn't actually having a miscarriage ( I did do a pregnancy test which was negative)

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KK12, ferritin is optimal half way through range. Supplement iron and take 500mg-1,000mg vitamin C with each tablet to aid absorption and minimise constipation.

Folate is a bit low but you'll probably get enough folic acid by supplementing a B Complex vitamin.


Ferritin,folate ,b12 ,vit d3 should all be halfway in their ranges

My coeliac grandaughter despite perfect diet was very very aneamic as well as hypo which they refused to treat

However dealing aggressively with the low ferritin and folate was done and then they recognised the hashis hypo and she responded very quickly to levothyroxine

Hence i believe that dealing with the aneamia first may be most important


Thank you for the replies. I am already taking a B complex vitamin supplement - it would explain why I would always feel wiped out when having a period!

My vitamin scores were all low which I know is a typical hypo thing. More supplements to take!


Low Ferritin needs iton plus at least 2000mg vit C every day for months

You may need the special form of vit b if you have a methylation problem

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I'm definitely going to be rattling at this rate - now taking an iron and Vit C supplement!


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