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Help on reading my results

Help on reading my results

Hi all,

I was diagnosed with an under active thyroid 5 years ago. I am currently taking 200mcg of thyroxine. I asked for a full blood count and didn't take my meds for over 24hours before the test were taken. I've been told that no action is required with my meds.

I would just like other people to take a look as I really don't understand what normal is and what I should be looking for.

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Since the last time you posted, have you done anything to find out about your vitamin levels? B12 and folate? What is your ferritin? Vitamin D? For good skin and hair we need zinc.

Red blood cells can look normal if folate levels are okay and B12 is too low.

Also the fT3 test was not done. This is the active hormone and it would be a good idea to see what it is. Your fT4 is just above range but if you are not converting the thyroxine to tri-iodothyronine at an efficient rate, then energy levels can be low regardless that fT4 level is high and you are taking 200 mcg of thyroxine per day.


It's a pity they don't do a Free T3 blood test so that you would know whether or not you are converting T4 to sufficient T3.

Your T4 is high as you left 24 hours gap before blood test. If you can afford a Free T3 blood test, I think I would have one.

If you decide to have a test, I believe the labs give a small discount if you mentioned who also get a small commission.


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