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Aching limbs after miscarriage


Hi all I recently posted about pregnancy and levo Sadly I Lost the baby three weeks ago which is devastating and up until this week I felt physically fine but now my muscles have started too ache my forearms are twitching as they did when my levo was too high swollen glands sore throat hair loss tiredness.

I saw doc today who I asked to do bloods which she said yes too but only once my menstrual cycle returns and who knows when that will be. Does any one have any suggestions supplements etc side note i also have polycystic ovaries with an extended cycle so could be waiting a while for blood test. Plus was prescribed metformin for pcos. Anything thing that could help many thanks

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i can not help you with your questions

But just wanted to say I am so deeply sorry to hear you have lost your baby and to let you know you are in my thoughts x

Thank you for your kind words its been emotionally draining and now its physically hurting too maybe the upset has lead on too this. I'm struggling too pick myself up and make Life normal for my little girl as I'm easily worn out much like before I was diagnosed.

Nettiboo, I'm so sorry. xxx

Reading your last post, it seems to me your doctor is a very misinformed individual, first telling you that there was no need to test your bloods or change your dose in early pregnancy, and now spouting complete rubbish about needing to wait for your menstrual cycle to return. I'd actually be thinking about making a formal complaint about her lack of proper care, but I suspect that's the last thing you feel like doing right now.

Is there another doctor you can see? This one seems utterly clueless about how to treat patients with thyroid issues.

Nettieboo, I'm so sorry you lost the baby. I don't understand why your GP thinks you must wait until your cycle kicks in before doing thyroid bloods. I think it would be a good idea to see a different, more clued up thyroid GP at the practice or consider changing practice if there isn't one.

Hi this is a different doctor I saw today our practice is very busy you basically have too get a appointment with whom ever is available or wait weeks. I think I have too wait for menstrual cycle too return too check my hormone levels re ovulating etc I asked for thyroid too be check as an extra the doctor was actually the nicest one I have seen within our practice and agreed too everything I asked her.

I'm sure gps get it wrong all the time I'm more interested in my hormones levels for chance of future baby. I find it hard too understand thyroid stuff this number or that I just want too feel well I'm only 33 yet some days feel much older and everything just feel too much.

It sounds to me as though your thyroid medication is not right for you at the moment. I do hope you get it put right as soon as possible. You have my sympathy. Having a miscarriage is deeply upsetting and thyroid problems can make you depressed too. Your menstrual problems and polycystic ovaries could be a result of thyroid issues too. Try and get a blood test for your thyroid as soon as possible (get the test done first thing in the morning and don't have breakfast), then post the results here and someone will advise. There is light at the end of the tunnel.

Hi nettiboo, so very sorry to hear that you've lost your baby, my heart goes out to you. I had a miscarriage many years ago, and that was before I had my thyroid diagnosed. I think a lot of your symptoms will be as a result of the hormone levels being all over the place. Your body has been gearing up to supporting a baby, and it takes a while for things to settle afterwards. It is important that your thyroid is optimally medicated once you are trying for another baby. I do hope your doctor will be helping you through these next weeks and wish you well for the future. Very best wishes MariLiz

Thank you all for your replies I managed too read the nice guidelines last night so was upset too learn my medication should have been increased and reviewed which even though I requested it it wasn't done so now I'm questioning whether my pregnancy would have progressed if my meds where higher. How can I get my doc too agree too increase meds if and when I fall pregnant again I just feel like no one takes you seriously.

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