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Thyroiditis, no symptoms

Hi I'm new here and just wondered if anyone could give advice? I've had thyroiditis for the last seven months, seen my GP, blood test normal, scan showed slightly enlarged thyroid and I have a feeling of slight strangulation all the time which isn't very comfortable. Eventually got referred to endocrinologist (after being "lost in the system"!), saw registrar 3 weeks ago, another blood test done that day, 2nd scan planned and 3rd blood test ordered for next week before being seen in the first week of June.

The registrar called last night to say the blood test is normal, nothing wrong with my thyroid, so cancel all further appointments, but come back in a few months if it's still there. From what I've read online, I'm not entirely surprised that they are not able to help or provide any solution - they say the inflammation is probably caused by a viral infection at some point - but does anyone here have any helpful advice please? I'd really like to find a way to reduce this inflammation to avoid the choking feeling so am wondering whether it would be best to cut out gluten? Thanks for any help!


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Welcome to the forum, Hannahlh3.

Try the gluten-free diet for a couple of months to see whether it helps. If it doesn't you can always reintroduce gluten.

Selenium is good for the thyroid and supplementing 200mcg may help too.


Have you been tested for anti thyroid you have Hashimoto's? If it is only Viral, because the Hashi's test is negative, then going GF won't help a Virus.


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