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Hi all

I have finally been referred to Rheumatology and appoint is this Wednesday. My latest Thyroid result in April was TSH 3.2. Wasn't tested for T4 but it was 14 in January.

I'm still suffering from fatigue and GP is saying the thyroid is fine hence the referral. I also have HMS and am wondering if the fatigue is from that? My joint pain has increased and I have noticed more fluid retention around the ankles. I'm finding it difficult to stand for more than a few minutes without getting back and hip pain. In addition, there's family history of Sjogren's Syndrome and my sister has just been diagnosed with Reynauds and Scleroderma in addition to her hypothyroidism.

Can anyone please advise on what questions to ask at my appointment?


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Your doctor is SO wrong in telling you that your TSH is fine at 3.2. The recommendation is for us to have a TSH of around1 and below or suppressed even. He is keeping your TSH in a level for someone who doesn't have hypothyroidism.

Email and ask for a copy of Dr Toft's article in Pulse Online. Question 6 informs the GP where the TSH should be approx. and it's certainly not 3.2.

Because you are undermedicated that's what's causing your aches/pains/illhealth.

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Hi Shaws - thanks. I've emailed for the article.

BTW my GP increased my citalapram dose in Jan to 40mcg - I would really like to wean myself off but am not sure of how the depression and correct dose of thyroxine is connected.


If you are hypothyroid T3 can be used as an anti-depressants. Seems more sensible as it is a hormone which you are probably low on Wait till you get a definite .diagnosis, not one that's a computer print-out. They should really take clinical symptoms into the scheme of things.

He probably increased your dose as your symptoms would have been more bothersome.

I am not sure how to reduce but others who have been on it will respond.

This link might be helpful.


Sorry I don't care what your GP thinks ...........A TSH of 3.2 IS NOT RIGHT

If you are being correctly medicated for hypothyroid it should be below 1

No wonder your full of aches and pains

If the GP wont up your dose you will have to self treat preferably with NDT

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nina, are you still on 75 mcg ? Rarely is that enough. Yes you need a raise. I'm guessing that your FT4 of 14 is on the low side so if your doctor resists you just reply that your FT4 has room in the range to increase so it may erase your symptoms. I'm sorry you are on so many other drugs since if you could regulate your adrenal/thyroid some of those symptoms might be eradicated. Plus the fact most GPs don't really understand what is happening and yet pass out drugs that may not be appropriate.

If you have time to watch this video, this man ties the whole endocrine system together and easy to understand if you pause a few times to let it sink it.


Yes I'm still on 75mcg and thank you for your advice


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