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Cortisol I normal now?


I have suffered with adrenal insufficiency now for over 3 years and at my worst, just after my adrenal crash, my cortisol was registering at 35 first thing in the morning. (150-600)

I am now getting to around 250 in the morning and my ACTH test shows that I can double my cortisol within 30 minutes. (My ACTH test after the crash saw me rise from 35-67)

Does this mean that I am back to normal or am I still at the lower end of normal? I am about to go in for an op and do not know whether my cortisol is still an issue. I still carry cortisol around with me just in case I start to feel symptoms, or what I think are symptoms.

Any help would be gratefully received


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The cortisol level should be at it's peak at 8 o'clock in the morning, so 250 is still low. It should be in the high area of normal. I'm afraid you are not quite ok yet and you should mention that to the doctor before surgery, which is an enormous strain on the body. Good luck with everything ;)

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