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Hi all

I have recently been diagnosed with under active thyroid. have been taking levothyroxine for 3 months and just about to go back for a blood test to see if its having any effect! i don't think its working very well though the carpal tunnel pain has lessened, I still feel drained and wooly headed most of the time, also my hair has gone very very dry despite using oils etc it still looks like cotton wool any suggestions?

My GP is not very sympathetic and seems to think I should 'just get on with it' I'm genarally a happy person but lately I have got quite low is this normal?

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Hi Baz,

There's not much information on your Profile page about your thyroid history. I note you were diagnosed 3 months ago but I don't know whether your dose of levo was increased since first beginning it.

I hope you have had an increase every 6 weeks? together with a new blood test.

When you go for a blood test, have it as early as possible. Leave a gap of approx 24 hours between levo and test. I have read it's best to have a fasting test.

Always get a print-out of your results with the ranges and post for comments. If you've not also had a Vitamin B12, Vit D, iron, ferritin and folate ask for these to be done too. We are usually deficient and it's important all minerals/vits are towards the upper range.

Ignore your GP if he's not sympathetic, you have to look after yourself and read and learn as much as possible. It's not as easy as most docs think, i.e. take 1 tablet, keep bloods in range and patients' dose doesn't need increasing. Complaints/symptoms are ignored


Hi Shaws

Thanks for the reply

I have been on the same dose of levothyroxin 5mcg since i was diagnosed in february I was told not to come for bloods until three months was up. As i said my GP is not very forthcoming with information so I have no idea what the other results were I do know I had a full check done. I had learned more about the condition from the forum than I have from the medics.

I am going for bloods tomorrow morning so thanks for letting me know about leaving 24hrs between tab and test ( I always take mine at 5.30 when I get up and have breakfast at 7am) and I did'nt know about that rule (nobody tells you!!!) Also since taking the tablets I have had what seems like constant acid indigestion is this 'normal'


Did you mean 50mcg of levo (not 5mcg surely although I wouldn't be surprised in the least). Believe me, many medics appear to know only one thing (I am being mean and will say two things) that is - to only do the TSH and prescribe levo until TSH is in range. That's us done and dusted and everything else is nothing to do with the thyroid gland (a fairytale). If we have continuing or new symptoms it's usually to do with a combination of too low a dose and also vitamins/minerals may also be low but, if in range, that's o.k. by them as well.

We would appear to be the cinderella of diseases, it would seem.

If your dose was 50mcg it's too long between diagnosis and 3 months before you have another. Look for another GP who is a bit more knowledgeable (pot luck I am afraid).

Low acid is another thing that can happen in hypo. If you take Apple Cider Vinegar in water or juice (some don't like the taste) and take it either before, after, or during meals particularly if they contain protein as the normal stomach acid dissolves the protein. Some people, myself included, take Betaine with pepsin tablets. If on ACV it's best if it's 'raw' or organic.


Sorry yes it is 50 mcg typing error! I agree my doctor was pretty blase about the whole thing and he did dismiss other symptoms as 'my age, think I will cancel appointment with him and make one with another one. I will give the acv a go as I am currently popping antacids like they are going out of fashion!


The symptoms of low/high acid are so similar and if you do have low acid you don't need antacids.

Some might have high acid and need antacids but this is another link:

We have to learn so much as hypo affects us from top to toe until we are on an optimum of medication (i.e. sufficient to remove all clinical symptoms).


Thanks again for your replies they have been very helpful i will post again when I get results of bloods and hope someone will explain it all to me. Take Care


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